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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #8

It’s all about the best holiday gadgets this week with cool stuff for the kitchen that’s sure to impress your guests through to a watercraft treadmill that’ll keep you fit in the open waters whilst you stay dry. Looking for a hi-tech paper spy plane that’s made of carbon fibre for some fun? We’ve got that too.


#1 Maple Set Knives
Get your kitchen swag on with these handmade knives crafted from carefully selected Canadian Maple. The cutting edge of the blades are taken care of by German X50CRMOV15 Stainless Steel which runs from the edge to the back of the knife to ensure a proper weight balance in use.
Price: US$100/BUY

#2 Schiller X1 Water Bike
Tired of your old treadmill which only offers you depressing scenery in the form of The Bachelor or Big Brother? The Schiller X1 Water Bike is taking your love for cycling to the water with this pedal powered water craft. Designed and made in California, the amphibious cycle features a hard anodized and powder-coated aluminium frame to resist all the saltwater effects. It is driven by a multi-speed, pure rotary drivetrain with Gates Carbon Drive Belts for maximum speed and has handlebars with integrated steering. Twin oscillating propellers also ensures there’s no need for a rudder to steer. Workouts can’t get any dryer on water.
Price: $6,500/BUY

#3 ÉSTIE Carbon & Felt Macbook Case
Beautifully hand crafted is this carbon fibre and felt carry case for your 13″ or 15″ Macbook or laptop. A single carbon strap secures the bag tightly with style. It also comes with a carbon leather shoulder strap for the long haul journeys.
Price: $199/BUY

#4 Street Fighter II Defeated iPhone 5 Case
If you’re a fanboy of the classic Street Fighter series then you will surely recognise this iconic pixelated image, now faithfully reproduced for your iPhone 5. Choose from your favourite beaten and bloodied characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile and Zangief.
Price: $8.10/BUY

#5 Carbon Flyer Video Drone
The paper plane just got serious with this carbon fibre flyer featuring dual high-powered motors and an on-board camera. The flyer is controlled via an app on your device and connects with the plane via Bluetooth 4.0. This enables you a range of about 73 metres of fly space. It is also incredibly robust with a claim of its near invincibility even after a head on crash with a wall. The frame is assembled with carbon nanotube-enhanced epoxy to create bonds that are stronger than steel welds.
Price: $100/BUY

#6 Donkervoort D8 GTO
Weird name but there’s absolutely nothing weird about this mental vehicle’s driving intentions. Designed in Holland to take on the Caterham Seven, the D8 GTO is a lightweight no frills road legal track car based off the classic Lotus Seven design principle – simplify, then add lightness. The car does this with extensive use of carbon fibre and also adds more power by dropping in a 2.5 litre 5 cylinder engine from an Audi TT RS tuned to spit out 380hp. Pure insanity and likely loads of fun for a car that weighs under 680kg.
Price: $195,000/BUY




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