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10 Minutes With Australian Olympic Snowboarder Scotty James

Scotty James currently sits at number five amongst the world’s best snowboarders.  As much as this is an achievement in itself for the 20-year old winter Olympian, he’s also managed to harbour a keen interest in men’s fashion on and off the ice circuit. In the lead up to the Aussie’s contention at this year’s World Snowboard Championships in Austria and X Games in Aspen, we sat down to chat to him about super tight pants, his boot fetish and dropping $380 on shirts as a grommet. 

MH: What do you think about when you’re 30 feet in the air?

SJ: I’m thinking “Hmmm…what shop am I hitting up after this?” Actually I don’t think I’m thinking about anything – it goes into a kind of tunnel vision. All my energy goes into what I’m doing at that one time and I guess there’s not that much time to think.

MH: I hear you’re quite the fashionable lad – tell us a bit about that. Where’s your inspiration come from?

SJ: My inspiration is no one in particular. I follow a lot of fashion blogs including D’Marge obviously, as well as Le21ème which is a street style kind of blog. I’m on Instagram picking things here and there that I like and implement that into my street style. My sister runs a fashion blog and is a stylist so she also helps me out. I do always enjoy people’s different tastes. Being from Melbourne, so many people here push style to new limits so it’s always cool cruising around the city checking out what people are wearing.

MH: What do you think about when you’re 30 feet in the air?

SJ: I’m thinking “Hmmm…what shop am I hitting up after this?” Actually I don’t think I’m thinking about anything – it goes into a kind of tunnel vision. All my energy goes into what I’m doing at that one time and I guess there’s not that much time to think.

MH: How do you stand out in the snow when everyone’s wearing five layers and jackets? 

SJ: A lot of different snowboarders have their own style. From the outside looking in you can’t tell the difference but usually a lot of the stuff is based off our street wear – this is the stuff we wear when we’re not snowboarding. Expression is a lot harder when we are snowboarding. You’ll see a lot of boarders wearing flannel and I try to put that in my style as well.

MH: What’s your go to fashion piece off the snow?

SJ: I’m massive on boots and I’ll find a pair of boots and wear them until they’re absolutely torn to shreds. All the snowboarders always laugh at me when I’m wearing a pair of boots and I say “well sorry, I’m not wearing skate shoes.”

MH: Sunnies and goggles – how important are they for the snow? 

SJ: I’ve been working with Oakley for six years now, each individual snowboarder likes a different pair of goggles and style definitely comes into it.

MH: Goggle tans are cool right?

SJ: Yeah, it’s just accepted even though we don’t enjoy walking around looking like a racoon most of the time.

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MH: What’s it like to be part of the snowboard industry? Does Australia tend to hype you guys up during comps then forget about you if you don’t win anything?

SJ: I think it’s a bit better now. I’m always pushing to promote freestyle snowboarding in Australia and spending a lot of time in Perisher. A lot of the kids are now getting into it and the parents are quite intrigued in the process I’ve gone through to get where I am and I’m happy to talk about it. The industry in Australia is not as big as summer sports but it keeps on growing. It is a little bit sad that only every four years people can see what we do and it would be awesome if they could follow it a bit more.

MH: What are some of the most ridiculous style trends you’ve seen on the snow?

SJ: The skiers have gone down the gangster-thug theme. I’m not quite sure why; most people go through that phase when they’re about 12 or 13 but the skiers seem to have stuck in there and kept grinding with it. Think of the baggiest clothes you can ever buy and most of them wear it.

MH: Didn’t snowboarders create the baggy pants?

SJ: Now we kind of wear more fitted snowboard pants. They used to be very straight cut and plain and now they’re more fitted around the knee. I think it looks really good.

MH: So we’ll be seeing you in leggings on the telly soon?

SJ: You can look to Shaun White for the really, really tight pants. He’s got some super tight ones.

MH: What’s the coolest thing in your luggage at the moment?

SJ: I’d have to say my Akubra that mum got me for Christmas. Some people know I’m from Australia when I’ve got my Akubra on; that’s a way of showing my heritage. I should do the little corks as well.

MH: What’s the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever bought?

SJ: When I was young, I can’t remember the brand, I bought this shirt. I was out with my sister and it was a collared shirt with all these crazy colours on it..I’m pretty sure it was $380 and I got home and said “holy shit that was expensive!”

MH: You didn’t look before paying for it?

SJ: No, cause I was sixteen I didn’t have EFTPOS and I put money on my sister’s card and we bought it and then I saw the receipt. I should have just gotten sis’ to pay for it.

MH: Tell us about your worst snowboarding accident.

SJ: It’s not something I talk about too much but I’ve been lucky so far. I’ve had my fair share of bumps and hits over time but nothing too bad. And it’s going to stay that way.

MH: How are you with the ladies? Got any snow field pick-up lines for us?

SJ: Oooh the ladies. How am I? I don’t really know to be honest. I look around every now and then but you’d have to ask someone else. I like to sit back, not really going out looking for it. Not everyone likes the snow so it’s tough. The Akubra might help me in the States though.

MH: When you make it, what’s the first big purchase going to be?

SJ: I’ve always, always wanted a Lamborghini. The Aventador would be the ultimate but I’d settle for a Gallardo. Either in black on black or white on black. If I’m going to go to the extent to get a car like that I may as well get something that people will double take at.

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