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Brands To Know: Troubadour

The leather goods market isn’t exactly sparse. In England, Italy, France, and more, makers both big and small craft exceptional leather pieces designed for discerning travellers and businessmen. But there’s a hole in that crowded industry. Those looking for traditional styling can easily find pieces that harken back to yesteryear, and those looking for trendy seasonal pieces are served by brands like Gucci and Ferragamo.

But what about the intersection of the two? Where are the leather goods that appeal to a younger audience but retain the quality craftsmanship of a time gone by? They’re right here, from Troubadour.


troubadour-bagThe London-based leather goods label isn’t even half a decade old yet, but Troubadour’s story goes back much farther. In a previous life co-founders Samuel Bail and Abel Samet had careers in finance, and frequently found themselves travelling for work or heading out of town on weekend excursions with friends. They quickly realised that a good overnight bag was essential to their lifestyle, but couldn’t find something that transitioned from weekday to weekend the way they wanted.

In time, Bail and Samet started playing with the idea of designing the bags they couldn’t find. The right bag couldn’t be flashy or covered with logos, so it would be appropriate for the office. But it couldn’t be too formal either, or it would look out of place on a weekend getaway. Together Bail and Samet spent a year and a half travelling Europe, to leather tanneries, bag manufacturers, product trade shows and more, gathering inspiration and partners along the way.

At the end of it all, they founded their company and christened it after travellers like themselves: Troubadour. The name pays homage to the wandering storytellers of a lost age, and to the artisans who lend their talents and tales to the creation of Troubadour’s leather goods. It’s also a reminder of what Bail and Samet hope to deliver: beautiful bags that wear gracefully and last a lifetime, so they can witness many of your stories on your travels.

What They’re Known For

troubadour-constructionThere’s a clear, consistent aesthetic that runs throughout Troubadour’s collection. The colours are simple and neutral. Everything is available in black. Some pieces are also available in brown or navy blue. And that’s it. No patterns or crazy colours. Nothing that could be mistaken for trendy or short-lived. The leathers are thick, naturally finished and vegetable-tanned – the kind that will grow in character as scrapes and wrinkles are acquired. The zippers are big and industrial. The edges are cut, the lines are clean, and everything comes together in a smooth, sleek package.

Why They’re Cool

troubadour-walletTroubadour’s leather goods are designed with a very specific man in mind. He’s a successful young professional who has the money to purchase quality, but doesn’t want to look like he raided his father’s closet. He works in an office but refuses to blend in with the rest of the boardroom. He wants contemporary but won’t sacrifice luxury or quality. His bag is different, younger and sleeker, ready to accompany him on whatever adventure his life takes him to next.

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