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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #10

The series has made it to the magic ten and we’re celebrating by taking outdoor adventure to the extreme. No really, there’s a personal submarine and an apocalypse weapon in this week’s wrap up of the world’s coolest (and most money hungry) gadgets. Behold.


#1 Deepflight Super Falcon Mark II Personal Submarine
Yachts are for plebs. What you need is a personal submarine that looks like a giant underwater sex toy. Designed to encapsulate the pilot and passenger, this two-person submersible vehicle is powered by an efficient brushless DC motor and a redundant lithium-iron-phosphate battery system that allows for underwater speeds of 2 – 6 knots. The body structure is form-fitted composite allowing it to dive to depths of over 100 metres. Fly-by-wire flight control system, adjustable carbon fibre seats and an integrated heads-up display with an artificial horizon look after navigations. And incase you’re wondering, the craft is designed to be positively buoyant meaning it will always bring you back to the surface incase the battery dies.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#2 Snow Crawler
For those who like the snow but are all like ‘ewww’ about how cold it can often get, the Snow Crawler is for you. Well almost. It’s a concept at the moment but the designers have readied this one-seat snow explorer for speed and agility over the roughest winter terrain. Given the tracks design, we give it a week in the hands of adrenaline junkies to start jumping them off mountains.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#3 Ariel Nomad
If you’ve never heard of the original Ariel Atom, then you’ve probably been living under a rock and need to first watch this. Fast forward a good decade and we now have the Ariel Nomad – the sister car to the aforementioned Atom that takes the same lightweight concept of speed to the joys of off-roading. The buggy features the same manic Honda Civic Type R motor but now with a heightened displacement of 2.4 litres instead of the road going 2.0 litre. It’s also supercharged to produce a total 235bhp and 300Nm of torque in a body that only weighs 670kg. Team that with raised suspension and some giant fog lights and you’re right to go bush bashing for days on end.
Price: From AU$58,000/BUY

#4 ZD-101 Apocalypse Machete
We love a good apocalypse machete at D’Marge. Not something we’d ever thought we’d say but still, we do. The survival of the human race (or your banana plantation) rests solely on the edges of this glorious 25 inch slab of AUS-8 stainless steel. Whether you’re decapitating aliens or zombies, the ZD-101 has enough gusto to put Crocodile Dundee to shame. The handle is also made from texturised hard rubber to ensure it never leaves your hands in action. If the local customs get a hold of it, you didn’t hear it from us.
Price: US$20/BUY

#5 Message In A USB Bottle
Remember those olden day films where lost souls would write a non-descript love message and shove it in a bottle before throwing it into the ocean for someone to find? Well now you can do the same with your nude selfies and sex tapes with this message in a bottle USB. Just kidding. But really you can if that’s your kind of thing. Designed by Saburo Sakata, the digital message in a bottle can hold upto 4 gigs of “message”.
Price: $54/BUY

#6 Sony ZX2 High Resolution Walkman
The return of the iconic Walkman has come about numerous times over the years to lukewarm success. That doesn’t mean Sony will let the brand die in anyway. Their latest effort is the premium ZX2, a digital device for serious audiophiles who live in the digital world. The new device is a pricey affair at $1,200 but compensates that with features like S-Master HX digital amplifier, DSEE HX upscaling technology for non-hi-res audio sources, support for digital music files up to 192 kHz/24 bit and 128GB of built-in memory. A micro SD card slot, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth with LDAC Hi-Fidelity wireless music streaming, up to 60 hours of playback on a single charge, a leather-textured back, and a touchscreen interface built on Android 4.2 also comes standard.
Price: $1,200/BUY




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