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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #11

Considering you’ve probably spent most of your hard earned dollars over the holiday season, we’ve made it our duty to shut you up and only take only some of your money this week with the greatest gadgets. The vintage Porsche is an exception though – that thing could could afford you a small mansion.


#1 Skeye Nano Drone
The world’s smallest drone helicopter has arrived. Well for now it’s the smallest – in a year’s time, who knows? The Skeye Nano measures in at a miniscule 4cm x 4cm. Don’t let the size make you think it’s a one trick pony though. This is a fully functioning drone that has a beginner and expert flyer option. The latter allows you to perform a number of rapid aerial acrobatics including mid-flight flips. All of this can be achieved in the confines of your living room. The drone charges via USB and has onboard LEDs for night duties. All you need is two AAA batteries and you’re ready for flight.
Price: $59/BUY

#2 1964 Porsche 904 Carrera GTS
If you’re a purveyor of classic cars who likes your Porsches vintage with a price tag to match then this is your buy. A true classic in its own right, the 904 was developed specifically to bring the carmaker back in line with its racing roots after a disappointing season in Formula One in the early 60s. The highly balanced mid-engined car in effect won many race series after its debut and became an icon. An icon that’s about to go on auction for a big price tag.
Price: €1,400,000 – €1,800,000/BUY

#3 Victoria Bitter Smartwatch
Cricket lovers can now rejoice with the arrival of the official VB Live Cricket Watch. The ingenious device allows passionate fans of the sport to watch the cricket when they can’t actually watch the cricket, by displaying up to date info on scores, balls, overs, wicket of the Tests, ODIs and World Cup games. It can even alert the wearer to major moments such as boundaries, hat tricks and centuries. The good news? It’s free to win. Howzat!
Price: $TBA/WIN

#4 Miniature Pallet Coaster
The only time a pallet can ever be this cool is when it’s in coaster form for your drinks. Made from recycled pine wood, you know you’re doing the environment good and saving your table a few ring marks with these replica pallets. An absolute steal for $20.
Price: US$20/BUY

#5 Bacon Soap
Ever loved bacon so much that you wished you could bathe in it? Well now you can with bacon soap. Just kidding, the soap is not actually made of bacon or pig fat for that matter (Fight Club devo). It does however replicate the alluring fragrance and look of the porky delight with a fancy concoction of coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil, and olive oil. So yes, it does clean you whilst leaving behind nice silky smooth skin. Just don’t try to eat it in the shower.
Price: $14/BUY

#6 Franklin Barbecue: A Meat Smoking Manifesto
If you’ve ever headed over to Austin, Texas, you’ll find a little barbecue restaurant called Franklin Barbecue. These guys specialise in American style smoked meats and outside of the restaurant you will find the legions of fans lining up for 6+ hours from 5:30am to get in the door by the 11am opening time. What’s the hype about? Well it’s really the secret behind Aaron Franklin’s meat smoking techniques which has helped turn his humble BBQ trailer into an American food icon. For those who don’t want to wait in line, Franklin has released an official book that details everything from home pit masters, to tips on how to customise your own smoker to cooking and devouring delicious barbecue. And unlike the long lines at the restaurant, you won’t have to wait to unlock Franklin’s secrets in your backyard. Just in time for Australia Day!
Price: $22/BUY




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