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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #9

New year, new reasons to drop ridiculous coin on the world’s coolest stuff that only dreams are made of. Need a floating hot tub to go with your 50th anniversary Shelby Cobra? Done. How about a shrunken foosball table designed for apartments? We’ve got that too. Shut Up & Take My Money 2015 all up in yo’ face.


#1 Snolo Snow Sled
If Santa got around in one of these bad boys, he’d probably get the job done in four and a half minutes flat. The Snolo snow sled is a beast that can hit speeds over 64km/h. Why you would ever need to go that fast on a sled is beside the point. The full carbon fibre mono-shell ensures that weigh is kept low and the passenger is kept snug in the contour-moulded seating area. It even has foam padded seats and a back rest to keep the ride smooth all winter long.
Price: US$2,550/BUY

#2 Hot Tub Boat
Ever wanted a boat? How about a hot tub? Now you can have both with the Hot Tub Boat. Sail past them plebs in their fancy conventional yachts as you down some cheese and wine in this awesome mobile hot tub. It can fit up to six of your friends (or porn stars if you’re Dan Bilzerian) and is powered by an electric motor to get you cruising at leisurely speeds of about five knots.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#3 Gigs 2 Go Pocket USB Drives
Just when you thought USBs couldn’t evolve any further, Gigs 2 Go come out with this ingenious conception. Encased in 100% recycled paper, the credit card sized package contains four tear-away USB drives in either 1GB, 8Gb or 16Gb. It’s the epitome of storage in the go that can easily hide away in your wallet or back pocket.
Price: From $25/BUY

#4 Eleven Ravens Stealth Ping Pong Table
The name of this thing is probably more suited to a fighter jet than a ping pong table, but who can blame them if they’ve actually used fighter jet material in the damn thing. The table features aircraft grade aluminium and carbon fibre with hide-away drawers for balls and paddles. At $70,000 the Eleven Ravens Stealth table is more of a limited edition trophy piece than anything else. Only five units are available to purchase.
Price: $70,000/BUY

#5 Shelby Cobra 50th Anniversary Edition
Now you can relive a part of American motoring history with the limited re-release of 50 units of the Cobra 427. You can nab one in either an aluminium or fibreglass body that comes in a polished aluminium finish for the former or blue with white racing stripes for the latter.
Price: $120,000/BUY

#6 Teckell Intervallo Foosball
One of the downfalls of apartment living is not being able to fit full sized pool tables or recreational man stuff in there. Teckell have addressed one of these areas by producing the Intervallo Foosball table that’s been scaled down and beautifully crafted in Italy. It’s fully functional and measures no larger than a coffee table. Players are finished in classic wood alongside the wooden frame which is topped off by a crystal glass top.
Price: $5,900/BUY




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