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10 Best Dressed Businessmen (And Their Important Jobs)

Remember what Mark Twain said: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” While the Kardashians may disagree with the latter part, we’re inclined to side with Mark. There’s something undeniably powerful about a well-dressed man. Just ask Gordon Gekko, Jordan Belfort and Patrick Bateman (but let your imitation of them stop at sartorial matters, please), and take style inspiration from the 10 best dressed businessmen below.

Stephan Winklemann

best dressed businessmen - stephan winkelmannBeing the President and CEO of Lamborghini comes with certain expectations. The cars are some of the most beautiful and uncompromisingly luxurious in the world, so of course the man behind it all has to match. Stephan Winkelmann is consistently dressed to impress in a range of dark, impeccably tailored suits.

Mark Bouris

mark-bourisMark Bouris got his start as the founder and chairman of Wizard Home Loans (you may recognise him from the commercials) and is now the chairman of Yellow Brick Road. He also made your television screens significantly more stylish as host of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. Easily one of the best-dressed men in Oz.


Luca Di Montezemolo

Luca Di MontezemoloAlitalia’s chairman (and former chairman of Fiat and Ferrari) is Luca Di Montezemolo. Though not as flamboyant as his former boss Gianni Agnelli, he has certainly learned a thing or two about dressing up. His typical look is a mix of dark suits (often double-breasted), dark ties and light-colorued shirts.

David Lauren

david-laurenNaturally, the name Lauren comes with an inherent aptitude for style. It’s quite literally the family business (yes, his dad is Ralph). David Lauren is currently Executive Vice President of Advertising, Marketing and Corporate Communications at Ralph Lauren Corporation and married to Lauren Bush (granddaughter to George H.W.).

Marco Bizzarri

marco-bizzarriIt’s safe to say that when you’re the CEO of Gucci, you face a certain amount of pressure to look good. Marco Bizzarri does not disappoint. Prior to joining Gucci, Bizzarri honed his infallible taste while serving as President and CEO of two more of fashion’s biggest brands: Bottega Veneta and Stella McCartney.

Alain Crevet

Alain-CrevetAlain Crevet is the current president of S.T. Dupont, manufacturer of lighters, pens, handbags, fragrances and recently other gadgets. He brings that effortless French sense of style to the brand with relaxed-but-chic tailoring (good luck ever spotting a tie) and long hair that is decidedly unstuffy in an oft-stuffy world.

Axel Dumas

axel-dumasAs a sixth-generation member of the family that founded Hermès, Axel Dumas has style in his blood. After a run as head of the brand’s jewellery and leather goods divisions, he became CEO in February 2014. No doubt his great-great-great-grandfather – the house’s founder, Thierry Hermès – would be proud of his accomplishments, both professional and sartorial.

Jay Z

jay-zJay Z needs no introduction. Not only is he one of the most legendary hip-hop artists of all time, he’s also an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur across many genres and Mr. Beyonce. Not too shabby. He’s also the co-creator of Rocawear, so it’s no surprise he looks like a million bucks (or the $700 million Rocawear pulls in annually) at all times.

Lapo Elkann

lapo-elkannWe could hardly call this list complete without Lapo Elkann. You’ve read his name on many a best-dressed list before, and while we do take pride in originality, we also take pride in acknowledging the greats. The greatness of this former Fiat manager and current president of LA Holding, Italia Independent and Independent Ideas is undisputed.

Diego Della Valle

diego-della-valleDiego Della Valle secured his future when he asked a friend, Luca di Montezemolo, to pass on a pair of Tod’s driving moccasins to Gianni Agnelli. Agnelli sported them during highly publicised football matches and sales exploded. Now Della Valle is CEO of the Tod’s Group and has serious style clout all his own.



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