50 Stylish Ways Men Can Rock Dark Hair

Dark hair is not uncommon amongst the many men of this world. Although it does come with its conundrums with regards to styling for that perfect look. The underlying issue tends to arise from dark hair masking any layering or fading details that your hairdresser would have worked tirelessly to achieve. Sure it may be there for a week or two, but due to the nature of dark hair being exactly that – dark, we often don’t get to see and fully enjoy the slick lines of our lighter haired brethren as those locks get longer. Well no more.

We’ve compiled a gallery of the 50 best and most effective ways to rock dark hairstyles without compromising on immaculate style.

Things You Need To Know

Not everything about dark hair is an impediment. The colour is widely known to help accentuate different features of a face through its contrast with skin complexion.

Coarseness: Dark hair can range in coarseness as there are so many different shades. The general rule of thumb with dark hair is that the thicker it is, the less product you should be lathering on, unless you want to look like the Lego man. Definitely do use hair products, but ensure that it’s spread evenly throughout to break up the thick and dense look that usually accompanies darker hair.

Baldness: Dark hair baldness tends to be more hereditary as there is an abundance of both older men with thick dark hair as well as those thinning out. Look after it in the long term by using the right hair care products and if you do dye your hair regularly, be aware that it will cause some protein loss in the hair and make it look thinner. This will rarely affect hair loss though.

Our favourite dark-haired people: Eric Bana, Cristiano Ronaldo, Channing Tatum

And finally, what tips can we give for living on the dark side?

Rocking dark hairstyles with confidence obviously precedes all, but just as important is ensuring you don’t over do it with the rest of your wardrobe. When you have near-black hair, choose your clothes wisely and avoid wearing too much black or shades that match your hair colour. This breaks up the darkness and helps make your hair colour appear more unique whilst preventing you from looking like a penguin.

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