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Aldo House By Prototype Design Labs

Not all family homes are built equal and the Aldo House of Mississauga, Canada, is a true testament to this. In an exercise of stunning (and costly) design, the home is built in a way that comprises of three slipping volumes of varying heights and lengths as well as being staggered in response to site conditions. As a result, each section or block is clad with a different material to highlight its interior function. Cumaru wood planks, white quartz stone, and custom diamond-shaped corten steel panels each wrap external sections of the home to an immaculate effect.

That inspiring design language doesn’t stop outside though. The interior of the house continues the clear lines and draws in natural light through the main atrium complete with bamboo trees and indoor flora that reaches the second level and a personal bar. The rest is taken care of by the intricate interior contemporary design that adds loads of character to the space and lives up to the Prototype Design Labs name.



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