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How To Get The Travel-Proof Hair

Picture this. You’re on a long-haul flight, twisted into your seat in a position that’s meant only for yogis and pretzels. Your clothes are rumpled. The food is predictably subpar. The movie looks like a straight-to-DVD production from several decades ago. Your neighbour is snoring and monopolising the arm rest. And on top of all that, your hair looks like you were electrocuted while caught in a tsunami. We can’t solve most of those problems, but we can help you travel-proof your hair with these 5 tips.

Plan Ahead

stk31390mlsThe best defence is a good offence. Prepare for your flight by giving your hair a final once-over in the shower using both shampoo and conditioner. This will add a little roughed-up texture to your strands and remove excess oil from your scalp, setting the foundation for the best possible mid-air hair.

Arm Yourself

dry-shampooDon’t enter the battle of plane vs. hair unprepared. Arm yourself with travel-sized products, in particular a dry shampoo. Spritz it onto your hair and massage it into the roots to keep oil at bay on your journey. But do it in the bathroom, please, lest your mist hit the poor passenger seated next to you.

Just Say No

combTo combs, that is. A quick pass with a comb seems like an obvious way to keep your mane in check while travelling, but resist the urge. The more you mess with it, the more you activate the sebaceous glands (the ones that secrete oil) in your scalp. Aim for a handsomely undone look instead.

Ease Up On The Product

mohawkSend the heavy haircare products the way of the comb. If you can, forgo them completely for your flights. If you have to look put-together immediately upon touch down, stick with lighter gels or water-soluble waxes. You’ll be able to rock your Mad Men style but it will be more comfortable in flight and easier to wash out.

Hands Off

handsAbide by the rules of your local gentleman’s club. Look but don’t touch. The more you do, the more the natural oils in your fingers and palms blend with the flourishing oil reserves in your scalp. Looking like the after photos of a BP oil spill is a definite don’t.


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