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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #13

It’s all class and personalised tanks in this week’s money grabbing feature of Shut Up. Want an exclusive hi-tech tennis racket from Lacoste? We got it. A 24K gold plated game controller. Check. A hiding from the significant other on your spirited spending. Pending.


#1 Lacoste LT12 Tennis Racket
The alligator brand that’s renowned for their classic tennis shirts and shoes have really stepped it up in 2015 by creating the world’s first tennis racket that combines a unique wood and graphite construction. The goal is simple: create a beautiful piece that’s also functional in the 21st century of power-play tennis whilst giving a nod to its heritage. The final result is an astonishing piece of kit that features a 70% wood composite (Walnut, Balsa and Lime Tree) against a 30% high modulus graphite build to ensure ultimate precision and strength. Bear in mind, all this innovation and heritage doesn’t come cheap. It retails for about AU$800.
Price: $899/BUY

#2 DTV Shredder All-Terrain Vehicle
Anything with the word ‘Shredder’ in its name is bound to be cool. Like Ninja Turtles levels of cool. The same goes for this crazy new contraption in the world of personalised extreme sports. The dual tracked vehicle which is very much like a mini tank allows the rider to hop on like they’re riding a jet ski to demolish any terrain – mud, shallow water, dunes, rock trails. You name it, the DTV can traverse it. Max speed is rated at 40km/h powered by a  4-stroke engine. Direction is controlled by pivoting. We highly recommend you check out the rad video promo here.
Price: $4,500/BUY

#3 Luna Concrete Skin For iPhone 6
When matte gold plated phones get a bit tacky, it’s time to throw up the middle finger and adorn your iPhone 6 with this beautiful concrete skin. This unique phone protector exudes true badass with all the tones and textures you’d expect from a quality slab of synthetic rock. The newer version is thicker than the last ones and also come in two textures – classic smooth concrete and moon surface. The price? rock bottom.
Price: $30/BUY

#4 MMT Pocket Watches
Take classic design to modern times with the latest pair of pocket watches from MMT. The clean pieces are equipped with either two hand, three hand or three hand plus date Japanese movements in stainless steel casings which come in a variety of finishes including wood and leather. They’re also pocket friendly at 50mm.
Price: US$250 – $400/BUY

#5 Quad Mini Shelf By Contraforma
This stunning design piece that also doubles as a book shelf would make any grown man go out to buy some books just for the sake of filling it up. Of course it needn’t just be books. The shelf also caters to anything from CDs to magazines to folders. The shelf comes in two colours – black and white.
Price: US$675/BUY

#6 Colorware 24K Gold Game Controllers
Spoilt kids take note. This one is definitely not for the average gamer. The blinged out controllers from Colorware feature an insane 24K gold plating that caters to PS4 or XBOX One players. Only 25 pieces for each console will be made and numbered on the item so get in quick before the Billy Madisons do.
Price: US$300/BUY




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