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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #14

The best gadgets and big kids toys in town are right here with this week’s Shut Up & Take My Money. Rest assured these aren’t children’s toys though – we’ve got rubber bands making a wild comeback in 2015 and an Aston Martin race car that you probably can’t pick up at your local dealership. Behold.


#1 Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns
Gone are they days where you could chase your siblings around a room shooting them with rubber bands. Not because you’re older and wiser, but more so because there wasn’t anything as pretty to do it with. Until now. Elastic Precision of Kansas City have crafted a beautiful pair of hardwood rubber band guns based on actual pieces from James Bond(!) – the Walther PPK and MP5 sub machine gun. It comes with a supply of rubber band ammo and can fire up to 30 feet. Name’s Band. James Band.
Price: $20/BUY

#2 Lego Batman Tumbler
Lego let their adult designers do this thing every now and then where they get to run loose and create something not for kids. The Ultimate Collector Series is the result and this Batman Tumbler from Nolan’s Dark Knight series is the by-product. Be warned, this serious piece of kit is not a 10 minute hack job that your 12 year old self is used to. The 2000 piece set has a five booklet manual and measures in at a massive 15 x 9 inches when complete. The complex replica also comes with a mini Joker and Batman figure. Why so serious, Lego?
Price: $200/BUY

#3 Hash Bookshelf By Line Studio
Before you ask, no this shelf is not made out of weed. It is Ukrainian though so that probably explains the odd choice of name. And it’s also gosh darned purdy. For those who still like a good old fashioned paper-back, Line Studio’s Max Voytenko has crafted this shelf for you. The striking diagonally striped design doesn’t just hold its books but also does a fine job as a slick designer statement piece that intrigues from every angle. It’s built from two levels of painted steel for sturdiness.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 DJI Phantom 2 Vision Drone
With serious drone kits like this on the market, it’s little wonder the U.S Government is getting a little nervous. The Phantom 2 from DJI is the latest in their aerial surveillance line of quadcopters which now includes upgraded features such as 1080P video recording, 14MP still image capturing and a longer 25 minute flight time per charge. The controller can connect up to your smartphone allowing you a birds eye view from your Phantom 2. If that’s not Skynet scary enough, the drone also has GPS navigation built in allowing for full function capabilities on autopilot up to 300m. Now imagine if that thing carried a weapon…oh wait, it’s been done.
Price: $800/BUY

#5 CIRIN Elsatic Energy R/C Car
Continuing the crazy rubber band theme this week is this carbon prototype radio control car created by engineers Max Greenberg, Sameer Yeleswarapu and Ian Cullimore. The “toy” is a serious lesson in industrial design as it is an engineering masterpiece. The car is powered by a 16 ft rubber band that propels it at upwards of 30mph for a few hundred feet with two servos enabling braking and steering. The designers say that they focused on creating a vehicle that would combine all of their past engineering education with the sculptural and aesthetic skills they acquired at the Art Center College of Design. You can’t buy one just yet, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. The carbon material alone clocked in at $500 so you can do the math on expected price.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#6 2006 Aston Martin DBRS9
RM Auctions digs up another gem for their upcoming Amelia Island fire sale in March. This DBRS9 is something you will not find at your local Aston dealership. It’s a proper race-spec model with full roll cage and a 600hp V12 fine tuned for the track. Bidding price is TBC at a closer date of the auction but you can keep a close eye on it via the link.
Price: $TBA/BUY





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