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5 Ways To Rock The New G-Shock MT-G

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1 of 5|The Classy Sportsman
2 of 5|The Suited Gent
3 of 5|The Smooth Operator
4 of 5|The Versatile Playboy
5 of 5|The Timeless Businessman

The following article is sponsored by G-Shock Australia.

Meet the G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-5A. This black and rose gold beauty is so new that the honeymoon period is in full effect. Right now we can’t get enough of each other. We’re talking about moving in, about planning weekends away, maybe even about meeting each other’s parents.

Not if that good thing is the MT-G. Meticulously crafted and utterly refined, Casio’s foray into premium watchmaking blends the elegance of a luxury timepiece with the rugged performance of a classic G-Shock. It’s a versatile, boundary-breaking piece that will no doubt grace wardrobes for many years to come. Wondering how? Take a look.

#1 The Classy Sportsman

Let’s start with the obvious. G-Shock is known for its tough-guy watches. They’re masculine, durable, technologically advanced – perfect for athletic and outdoorsy pursuits.

So, naturally, you can’t go wrong pairing the MT-G with a more casual, sporty outfit. Take a little dressed-down denim, layer a vest over the top, throw on some sneakers, wrap the watch around your wrist, and boom – you have an outfit that looks low-key but thoughtful.

#2 The Suited Gent

At the opposite end of the spectrum is a more dressed-up, grown-up look. This is an area in which G-Shock’s higher end watches really shine. The MT-G feels familiar, but it’s not the plastic digital watch of your youth. This timepiece can be worn in the boardroom with your favourite suit or, in this case, with a slightly less dressy blazer and denim combo.

Did you ever think you’d see the day a G-Shock and a pocket square could be paired together?

#3 The Smooth Operator

And now we travel to a land somewhere in between the previous two. When formal tailoring is too much and trainers are too little, this is how to rock your G-Shock. We weren’t messing around when we called it versatile.

The outfit reflects the flexibility of the watch. The leather bag and the button-down are professional, but the slightly military feel of the jacket keeps it from looking stiff. Approved by both your boss and the date you have after work.

#4 The Versatile Playboy

Ditch the outerwear entirely. No blazers, no jackets, no puffy vests. It’s time to lighten your load and let the watch take the starring role. Hit the town in a simple shirt so even the most casual observer can’t help noticing the handsome accessory on your wrist.

In addition to its impressive technical performance, the MT-G is blessed with striking good looks that deserve to be shown off. Slick shades and a beautiful backdrop don’t hurt, either.

#5 The Timeless Businessman

The old G-Shock was built to withstand scratches, scrapes, and falls from dizzying heights. It was designed to be a companion for a camping trip or a trek up a mountain. The new G-Shock MT-G will accompany you on a trek up the corporate ladder, where the biggest challenge to withstand is a broken Keurig in the break room. Refined and sophisticated, it’s a perfect accessory for a day in the office.

Bonus points if your work looks suspiciously like play.

The new G-Shock MTG-S1000BD-5A is available now at G-Factory at select MYER stores. 

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