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A Guide To Buying The Perfect Business Suit

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The following article has been sponsored by Oscar Hunt tailors. 

Nailing the perfect business suit is rarely an easy task for the average working man. Many factors can come into play including fabrics, fit, accessories, the climate and overall levels of one’s workplace conservativeness. It all plays out like a fine corporate maze that’s been difficult for men to solve in the past.

Until today that is. We’ve taken a seat with Chris Edwards of Melbourne’s Oscar Hunt tailors to help solve this dilemma by defining what a man should be looking for in the perfect business suit.

Working men of Australia (and around the world) take note.

Suit Cut Is Key

It’s near impossible to find the perfect suit off the rack. The perfect business suit is about the correct cut; something that follows the silhouette, looks really sharp without being too tight or too short.

Ultimately in good business style, the key is in its simplicity. Chris says, “Every Oscar Hunt Business Collection suit is made-to-measure, meaning the client will always get that perfect fitting suit without compromise.”

It’s All In The Colour

Colours for the ideal business suit will depend on where you work, but a really strong navy or charcoal with subtle patterns or textures will provide you with the perfect look. The great thing about navy or charcoal is that it can also be dressed up or down depending on your workplace and your relationship with the boss.

Get those basics right and you’re in the right spot. Oscar Hunt have a diverse range of classic colours on hand that mean business. Greys, navies, and charcoals are just some of the finely tuned business hues that you can select from.

Mix & Match With Style

A suit doesn’t always have to be worn as a suit. Use separates to break up the boredom of the everyday grind and to add some flair to your business suit game.

What are separates you say? Separates are basically different coloured jackets and trousers paired together as one outfit.

It can definitely work in the office – a navy jacket with tanned trouser combo is your go-to conservative set. Oscar Hunt can tailor trousers in various patterns and fabric types to aid in the separates department.

Two Suits Are Better Than One

Having multiple tailored business suits can do wonders for your professional wardrobe. With the right two or three suits you can easily create five or six different looks. This is also the most effective way to enlarge your wardrobe without taking a hit to the hip pocket.

Two or three is a great start; look at a navy, a grey and a lighter suit with a subtle Prince of Wales check. Also imperative is a good stock of white shirts, light blues, some different ties and you are good to go.

In terms of garment care, two or three suits means that you’re not wearing them every single day. It’s important to rotate your suits – a second pair of trousers can help with that. Reason being that trousers can almost double the life expectancy of a suit and it also keeps it looking sharp.

Dry cleaning should only happen a few times a year as it does take away the life from a suit. Also remember to keep your suit on a hanger instead of throwing it on the floor after work.

In Business, Fabric Rules

The Oscar Hunt Business Collection is focused on fabric diversity rather than chasing the latest erratic looks and colours. As the day-to-day rigours of business are inherently tough on suits, Edwards says that an excellent option is to consider a wool mohair blend fabric. Mohair is an incredibly durable fibre that is also very good for drawing sweat from the top of the skin to the fabric.

If you’re the type of man accustomed to running through rain for trains and cabs, Oscar Hunt also have innovative fabrics within their range you should consider. Luxury French cloth-maker, Dormeuil, have produced their Iconic Nano fabric with water beading technology that is rarely seen in men’s suits.

Its water resistant properties, using micro technology so water simply runs off the fabric, is exactly why Oscar Hunt integrated the cloth into their collection of suits.

Education Always Beats Big Budget

It’s important you have an idea of what you personally want in a business suit. Having this knowledge will allow you to gauge how tolerant you are to certain colours and looks. A lot of men go for something they are confident is going to look great, but not over the top.

Oscar Hunt is one place that caters to this kind of unique duty of care by finding out where the client is at to begin with. Another important point is to take a look at what already resides in your closet – if you’ve got a charcoal suit, push towards a navy tone instead.

Our Final Tips 

Tip #1: Off the rack will rarely fit perfectly where it should, which in our opinion is shoulder and chest. A really well fitted suit needs to drape correctly from the shoulders and fit well through the chest.

Tip #2: Choose the right fabric for you. If you’re a larger guy, choosing an ultra-light fabric where there’s rubbing going on might not be the right choice.

Tip #3: Keep things in proportion to your body. This includes including design features like lapels, buttons and pockets.

Oscar Hunt Business Collection Giveaway

The good people at Oscar Hunt and D’Marge are giving one lucky Australian reader their very own tailored Business Collection suit valued at $2,150. The winner will just need to get themselves to Melbourne for measurements and fittings, then Chris and the team will have you looking great.

TO ENTER: Visit the Oscar Hunt competition page


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