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Introducing The Suit-Friendly Vocier C38 Luggage

If you’re a frequent traveller who never leaves home without a suit, then your whole sartorial world is about to change for the better. The Vocier C38 is aiming to change the game by redesigning conventional luggage and the way delicate garments like suits are stowed in them.

More specifically, the German luxury luggage company has incorporated a fold-out garment bag featuring their patented ‘Zero-Crease System’, a feature the company claims will eradicate the need for ironing suits and ties upon rolling them out. The C38 isn’t just a one trick pony though. There’s also enough space for shirts, shoes and underwear as well as an integrated handle-bag that can carry your passport and phone.

Durability and looks are sorted with craftmanship utilising genuine Italian leather, PVD-coated metal components and full compliance with international carry-on requirements.

If there’s any doubt the luggage is promising more than it can deliver, perhaps Vocier’s recipient as the latest winner of the iF Design Award for 2015 should alleviate that too.


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