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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #17

Interior character is a must for any magnificent bastard and this week we’re looking at some of the coolest gadgets to get you there. Ever heard of that Sound Cloud app? Well now you can have an actual cloud that plays music. Tired of boring old coffee tables? Try one made of an authentic artillery box. Paper planes aren’t cutting it anymore? Graduate to the smartphone controlled version.


#1 Cloud By Richard Clarkson
This stunning piece of interior gadgetry is not just a pretty object. The hanging feature faithfully replicates the look as well as mimicking the behaviour of a real cloud by using a range of advanced sensors and lights. When it detects motion, the cloud will initiate the sounds and lighting effects of an actual storm cloud. Don’t fret though, if you’re more the oldschool kind of guy like us, the Cloud can also act as a conventional and powerful speaker system that streams music via Bluetooth. Lighting modes can be adjusted to your preference.
Price: US$3,360/BUY

#2 PowerUp Smartphone Paper Plane
Art meets technology with PowerUp’s latest creation. Fitted with motors, a 3.0 Bluetooth transmitter and a sturdy paper template, this smartphone controlled paper plane will guarantee spades of nostalgic fun. The plane’s range is 55 metres with up to 10 minutes of flight time. Charging is done via a micro USB port.
Price: US$52/BUY

#3 Ballistics Bench from Oliver Apt.
We’re not sure if you’ll be red flagged trying to ship this one into your country, but if you do get it into your home, you’ll have one of the world’s most coolest furniture pieces man can get his hands on. These are actual artillery boxes which used to house weapons so the explosive markings and prints are all authentic. Steel legs are simply added and the boxes which can still be opened to hide your most treasured weapons of mass attraction.
Price: $700/BUY

#4 Land Rover Defender 6 x 6
We’re not too sure why anyone would need a six-wheeled beast of an already formidable off-roader, but hey if someone’s going to build it, why not? A.Kahn Design has taken the classic Land Rover silhouette and merged it with a page out of the Mercedes AMG G63 6 x 6 concept. The result is an astonishing and imposing rolling fortress that packs 430hp in its elongated body which redefines the meaning of badass luxury. Did we also mention it has upgraded suspension, brakes and a full panoramic roof? The Flying Huntsman 110 WB 6 x 6 Concept will officially debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#5 KeyBiner
Taking the functions of a carabiner and throwing it together with your set of keys could well save humanity in 2015. Ok we’re exaggerating a bit. But it can definitely save you from being locked out of the house or losing your keys ever again. The intuitive design means the carabiner can hold up to a whopping 14 keys, as well as having a number of wrenches, screwdrivers, a prybar, a file and a bottle opener all built in. Pre-orders are now being taken on KickStarter with various metal and alloy versions.
Price: $35+/BUY

#6 Hidden Door Bookshelf
If you have something to hide in the home then it’s best you do it in style – we’re talking 50 Shades of Grey whipping room levels of covert style. The hidden door bookshelf is not your average unit. It’s built to order depending on your door’s frame size and is guaranteed to close flush for extra stealthiness. The piece actually works too, allowing the user to adjust the height of the shelves.
Price: US$1,300/BUY




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