The Playbook For The Modern Man

Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #18

We’re going all bling with this week’s hottest gadgets. It’s all about innovation and making something cool even cooler. How so? Check out the Honda motorcycle redesigned to look like a futuristic modern cafe racer. Or perhaps the trusty axe-turned-zombie dismantler. Or even a gold plated Pioneer turntable for all you Guetta wannabes. Just take our monies and be gone.


#1 Honda CB1100 By Dimitri Bez
We’ll get the bad news out of the way first – this futuristic looking CB1100 is only a pipe dream from the imagination of Industrial Designer Demitri Bez. Though we’re sure if you wanted, you could easily pick up a rusty CB1100 on the cheap and get it modified to look exactly like this by your local moto cafe workshop. Bez’s version features clean lines that takes minimalism to another level. The fuel tank and seat are formed from a single piece of aluminium and the engine is finished in matte black to contrast with the beautiful leather seat and frame.
Price: $N/A/BUY


#2 Dark Knight Radio Controlled Tumbler
We like a good toy here and there, but this is no toy. It’s a faithful 1:12 replica of the actual Batmobile from the Nolan series which can be driven by your finger tips on an advanced mobile app. How serious is it? You can control the movement of its spoiler flaps, cockpit controls, 16 bright LEDs and engine sounds. There’s also a built-in night vision camera which allows the user to drive and see what Batman would see from inside the vehicle – and it takes images too. Holy moses, Batman!
Price: US$569/BUY

#3 Outland Multi-Mission Axe
Can you really dispute an axe with a name like that? This is the traditional axe completely reimagined in spectacular zombie killing form. It’s beautifully intimidating and has the clean lines of a tool from the future. It comes in either 15″ or 19″ and is crafted in S7 steel depending on the size of the monsters you’re hunting. Intuitively built in is also a hammer, crow bar, seatbelt cutter and hex nut tools. We’d buy it just to hang on our walls.
Price: US$645/BUY

#4 Pioneer DDJ-SX Gold Edition DJ Controller
For any budding Avicii or Guetta wannabe, you can’t just play commercial doof-doof tunes. You need some bling to back up your skill (or lack thereof). That’s why Pioneer are offering up their beloved DDJ-SX in a limited vintage gold colour scheme. Features include dual decks, access to multiple effects modes, independent 4 channel mixer, large jog wheels, a plethora of input and output ports and a high performance DAC for pure sound performance.
Price: $1200/BUY

#5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
The highly anticipated iPhone fighter is almost here and with that comes more information of its impressive line up of features. The latest Samsung hero takes a page out of the Apple design ethos with an all metal and glass phone featuring the much talked about dual-curved screen which is a  5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display. Other notable specs include an Octacore processor running Android 5.0, a 16 megapixel rear camera, a 5 megapixel front-facing camera, 3GB of RAM, and support for both WPC and PMA wireless charging.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#6 Wenge Wood For MacBook Pro 15″
There’s a lot of tacky vinyls out there for MacBooks but if you’re after something with a bit more class and a premium feel, then the real Wenge wood MacBook cover is for you. Finished in a dark textured brown that’s unique to the individual tree, you’re guaranteed your MacBook will not look like any other out there. You’ll also have the pleasure of garnering dirty looks from tree huggers.
Price: US$129/BUY


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