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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #19

We’ve tracked down the greatest gadgets for the week so you don’t need to. This week’s collection takes the boredom out of the office, bedroom, kitchen and even your next summer holiday. From a Mad Men inspired 1950s fridge to a 200Gb Micro SD card, it’s time to get your freak on. Geek freak.


#1 SanDisk 200Gb Micro SD Card
SanDisk are pushing the limits of their flash memory technology with the release of their latest and first ever 200Gb memory card. Heck, we still remember our first PC with a 1.9Gb hard drive which we thought was cool. Alas, technology has caught up and we have gotten old. This card is good for 20 hours of 1080p video. Just don’t lose it.
Price: $400/BUY

#2 Caribe Clear Bottom Fishing Kayak
Step up your fishing game with the Caribe clear bottom kayak. It’s an ingenious twist on the kayak that let’s the occupant see what they’re catching, or if there’s even any fish to catch. If you see something bigger than the kayak below you, we suggest you paddle. Fast.
Price: US$1,629/BUY

#3 Snow Flake Drone
Another quadcopter. Only this one can fit in the palm of your hands and conduct flips and rolls on demand. It’s designed for the indoors but can also tackle the outdoors on calmer days. LED lights are included for night time flights.
Price: $40/BUY

#4 X-Ray DJ Decks Wallpaper
If you’re a music aficionado, you need one of these on your wall. The image features an x-ray grab of a set of decks. Simple as that. The mural measures in at 2.3m x 1.6m. If your landlord asks, it was there when you began renting.
Price: $60/BUY

#5 Glass Keyboard by Bastron
This glass keyboard by Bastron is likely the closest thing you’ll get to the holographic stuff without being all Tom Cruise in Minority Report. It connects via USB and features a backlit blue glow with a built in mouse. Gnarly.
Price: $199/BUY

#6 SMEG 50s Style Mini Refrigerator
Take your kitchen back to the 50s with SMEG’s latest mini fridge. It features all the colour, style and character worthy of a vintage furniture piece without all the non-regulated chemicals from the fridges of that era. Two shelves are adjustable and removable for cleaning with lighting taken care of by the not-so-1950s LED light. Easy there, Don Draper.
Price: US$999/BUY




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