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Shut Up & Take My money – Issue #21

The freshest gadgets are here this week to keep your pockets empty. You’ll definitely be happy though with a Lego Macbook case, one very sleek bicycle and some insanely dangerous Batman throwing stars.


#1 Brik Case For MacBooks
If you’re the type of guy who never quite let go of his childhood, then the Brik case for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is the protective cover you need. The very cool design supports all formats of brick including LEGO, Mega Bloks, PixelBlocks, KRE-O, or K’NEX Bricks. The cover also comes with 100 1 x 1 bricks so that you can build your own design. The item is gaining momentum on Kickstarter now.
Price: $40/BUY

#2 Dutchmann Vicious Bike
Sometimes you just need a unique way to get around town and you can’t get any more special than this collaboration between South Africa’s renowned bicycle frame builder Duncan MacIntyre and composites expert Anton Dekker. The result is a stunning piece of kit which features a frame designed by MacIntyre for competitive cyclists in the 1980s. The construct is hand-brazed from Reynolds 653 and Columbus steel tubing and includes custom tri-spoke wheels crafted from carbon fibre. Before we tell you the price, it’s good to know that other components are also sourced from trusted companies like Campagnolo, Vredenstein, and Brooks. Naturally, it’s limited to just 10 examples.
Price: US$4,800/BUY

#3 1956 Maserati 200 SI
This is a truly special piece in any vintage car collector’s garage. The 200 S was Maserati’s first race development car built in 1956 which holds a special place in the company’s history. The car has been driven by big names like Sterling Moss and Giuseppe Farina on some of the world’s most famous tracks. It’s also certified by the Maserati Classiche Department and includes the original build sheets, invoices detailing its restoration, and FIA papers.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Batman Throwing Stars
First of all, these are not toys. They are proper replica weapons from Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight series that look sick as hell on the wall, but can do some serious damage if you let a numnut get a hold of them. Alternatively you can practice your throwing skills on a target board. The kit comes with three bat-blades and a safe holding pouch. Don’t go Robin anyone with them now.
Price: $17/BUY

#5 Nixie Noir Clock
Take it back to the old ages with this clock that models itself off 50s style furniture. The clock uses real Nixie display tubes to light up the digits of the clock. Each piece is individually crafted from select heartwood walnut before being hand-finished and assembled. There’s also dimmable digits and a 12/24 hour display option.
Price: $285/BUY

#6 Pico Bottle Opener
The only time a man should be proud to have something this small on them is when it’s the Pico bottle opener. Don’t diss its diminutive shape, the device is made from 0.100″ titanium and uses a keychain ring to leverage the component for opening bottles.
Price: $11/BUY




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