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6 Bold Colour Trends You Need To Know In 2015

There’s already a historical style resurgence affecting men’s wear in 2015. I’m talking about suede jackets from the Wild West, Seventies clean wash denim and Wall Street Eighties check suits.

And then there is the retro colour wave: hues, tones and shades inspired by mid-West cowboys, Studio 54 disco dancers and the hard-tail stockbrokers – all set to play out across men’s fashion in the coming months.

According to Pantone – the design industry’s colour forecasters – 2015 is about earth neutrals with a range of bold pastels and prints; reflecting a mood of timelessness, warmth and being au naturel with our wardrobe.

The names of the top trending colours are hard to pronounce but just think of them more as Dulux paint colours for your clothes and this will help. This year is all about effortless sophistication, so we’ve broken the big ones down for you.

Here are the top six colours for men in 2015 and how to wear them in a modern world.

#1 Marsala


Like the earthiness of dirt, Marsala is a red hue that resembles Italian wine. And its warmth in shade feels naturally-derived and perfect for winter. Incorporate the hue onto any item: it dresses up tees and chino shorts for summer and acts as a fresh alternative to navy on blazers.

Take marsala on as an overcoat colour too, as its deep-red colour makes the graininess of wool fabric pop-out on a classic mac or long coat. Look to brands Burberry Prorsum, Diesel Black Gold, Kenzo, Missoni, Dolce and Gabbana to achieve this Italian look.

#2 Desert Sage


Neutrals continue on with desert sage; a cool and soothing greenish grey. Timeless and subtle, think of the desert sage as a light khaki. The iciness of this colour is a great alternative hue to traditional parka olives, camo prints and military army tones; while its plant feels when observed up close makes it a fresher version of the common green.

Work it into business shirts under a chocolate suit or as a herb colour that offers an organic vibe to chinos. The biggest news of all? It’s the new blue when it comes to casual business suiting and blazers. Chuck on a stark white shirt and tan brogues and you’re office ready.

Pringle of Scotland, Bottega Veneta, Ami, Marc Jacobs and Off White are all key labels for this colour in 2015.

 #3 Biscay Bay


The new green, Biscay Bay is a modern, brighter version of the sometimes dullish teal. Named after a large bay to the west coast of France, Biscay paints a energised bluey green – similar to mixed water under the sea. It’s a statement colour too, so splash it up against more heated tones – orange, red and yellow, allowing its cool touch to play out on outerwear and trousers.

For the brave, it’s a great casual suit colour but if the green is too much, work it onto a blazer over more neutral chinos or raw denim. Despite its wintry appeal, the water aspect of this colour is an escape to tropical climates when the heat calls. Brands doing it big include Pigalle, Umit Evans, Richard James, Katie Eary and MSGM.

#4 Amethyst Orchid


The boldest colour this year, Amethyst Orchid is dubbed the “jewel in the crown” of 2015. It’s the perfect mix of purple and pink, creating a hyper hue that trumps the typical pastel lilac. For tailored looks, this colour will dye over ties, pocket squares and socks – all the little bits and bobs that turn a cobalt blue sports coat into something magical.

For work? Go for a grey Prince of Charles suit with the lilac hues added on. The super confident will have no trouble working this colour onto flecked knitwear, sweaters, and chinos. But if you do, keep the rest of outfit neutral – off-white and navy being the best options as opposed to black. Brands pushing for Amethyst Orchid include J.W. Anderson, Maison Margiela and Kenzo.

#5 Cadmium Orange


In a nod to the Sixties and Seventies, Cadmium Orange is a bit of fun for 2015, pairing best with black and grey in the same outfit. Without sacrificing on sophistication, the warmth of the apricot hue plays out on blazers – paired with a sombre metallic grey pant, cable knit in black and charcoal weave under a woolly scarf.

The new orange is superior bomber jacket-colouring too, as well as spicing up athletic-look satiny nylons: from wind cheaters to Harringtons. And it’s the new camel colour for overcoats, adding that extra citrus kick to regular work outerwear – differentiating the men from the boys. Key brands include Vivienne Westwood, Kolor and Paul Smith.

#6 Cashmere Rose


Pink won’t make the boys stink in 2015, especially in Cashmere Rose. Don’t let the effeminate name turn you off. As an Oxford shirt pink reigns supreme this year, layered under a grey tweed jacket, Seventies brown suit or simply over dark denim.

Pink chinos for winter and shorts for warmer times are yacht worthy additions, while the less brave and colour shy should splash pink on ties and socks for the hint of playfulness on an otherwise bashful look.



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