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The Four Seasons Luxury Private Jet

The Four Seasons Hotel are taking their premium services to dizzying new heights. A year after announcing their transcontinental flight initiative, the renowned hotel chain has released a video inviting potential flyers to experience the brand’s exclusive new private jet service.

Passengers are spoiled with brands including Bulgari and Bose, whom have their hardware lining the interior of the custom Boeing 757-200 ER.

An extra touch of extravagance comes from the regal penthouse purple neon and plush white leather finishes along with dining taken care of by the plane’s on-board chef. Flight routes will stop over Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York City, Bali, Mumbai and anywhere else there’s a Four Seasons holed up.

You wan’t the airfare price? You can’t handle the airfare price. Trips on The Four Seasons private jet start at around US$106,000. If you’re still keen to empty an entire bank balance in one lavish flight, simply head over to their website to make your booking now.


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