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Interior Chivalries Guaranteed To Impress

There are three common types of dates that stay the night; ‘The One Nighter’, the ‘This Could Be A Thing’ and ‘The Keeper’. No matter which category you put yours in, we have all the interior necessities to keep them coming back for more.

These subtle gestures won’t be obvious enough for anyone to be freaking out about a relationship status, but they will make your date notice your genuine thoughtfulness. They will also get you points with her girlfriends (trust me, it’s guaranteed she will mention the small, but sweet gestures to her pack of wolfettes).

Chivalry In The Bedroom




Bedside tables are one of the most essential pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Ensure you provide a clean space for your date to put her jewellery, phone and all her important belongings at night.


We don’t really need to point out why the bed is one of the most pivotal areas of your interior, Romeo. What you should know though are the current trends in the big bad world of men’s bedding. Mix up a selection of textural materials such as linen, cotton sateen (the most luxurious in linens) and teal coloured velvet, but apply velvet carefully as you don’t want your bed to look like your grandma’s 70’s couch.

Go for inky indigoes, add some contemporary sophistication with tan leather pillows or a bed head, and voila. Instant bed-cred.

Pro-tip: Clear out a drawer just for her as she may or may not “accidentally” leave a sexy pair of lace underwear in it.

In Bed have a brilliant selection of colours within their linen range which you can see here.

Light It Up



Men really do need a range of lights throughout their home to suit different occasions. A warm flickering candle is perfect and simple for those sexy nights in. You can also amp up the atmosphere with a soft glowing lamp for when you want things to be more relaxed.

And do make sure you have a bright white light in the bathroom as it’s a necessity for your date to do her makeup properly.

If you happen to have an electrician buddy, get them to install a dimmer control to your main light switches. This convenience should cover all your most adventurous lighting needs. The Lumi table lamp by Articolo is the perfect addition for your bed side table with its two shades used to diffuse the light, creating a moody glow.

Bathroom Antics Of A Gent


The last thing anyone wants to see is a scummy bathroom where the insides of your dirty laundry are exposed. Make damn sure you buy a lid for that laundry bin and remember that the bathroom is a frequently used room by people other than yourself. It’s a space that absolutely deserves to be designed and styled for maximum comfort and functionality.

What do we mean by that? What you want to aim for is a peaceful environment that allows your date a fresh start to the morning and a serene wind-down in the evenings. The best bathrooms have a combination of factors that result in the perfect atmosphere. If you have a predominantly white bathroom, the best thing to do is add some timber, natural fibres and brass accents.

These materials will instantly give your bathroom less of a clinical feel. You can introduce these materials through soap dishes, woven baskets, mirror frames or a small tray to style products and candles on top of.

Products To Own

Equip the bathroom with some top shelf products that look the part. Your locks may not need conditioner, but let me tell you, hers will. She will be even more impressed if you include the token designer Aesop soap to show that you’re a clean guy with discerning taste.

Foliage For Thought



Not only will an aloe plant in your bathroom look crisp, they will actually also filter some of the air inside (thank us later). This easy to grow succulent is great for the bathroom as it can be snapped off the plant and the gel inside can be used to heal cuts and burns acquired from those adventurous night-ins.

Plus, women love plants so if you can keep the thing alive, that’s extra brownie points.

The Balancing Act

Your lasting impression of magnificent interior bastard is now complete. Go forth and spread your interior chivalry with a combination of these simple and time-effective solutions, but most importantly ensure you have a good balance of all in order to score.




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