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5 Best Man-Tan Products To Get You Golden

Progressively looking like an albino over winter is not an option. Self tanning products have become increasingly popular in recent times not only because they drastically accentuate the killer lines of a man’s torso, but also because of health risks associated with sun exposure.

Tack on the fact that it also ages your skin and makes you look older, and self tanning lotions have basically established their place in a man’s grooming cabinet.

There’s an endless number of products on the market guaranteed to get the job done for men, but we’re only interested in five of the best for the magnificent bastard – tanning solutions that won’t make you look like an Oompa Loompa and apply with ease. So move along orange guy; here’s how to do self tanning the D’Marge way.


Pure Tan Pure Bronze Face Tan

pupretanPure Bronze Face Tan by Aussie brand Pure Tan is a tried and tested lotion we’d recommend for any man looking to get the healthy bronzed look with added benefits. They’ve made it extremely hard to get wrong for the average bloke with its natural, quick-absorbing properties. Think a non-sticky, light-weight cream with added organic extra virgin coconut oil for great moisturising without the whole greasy feel. The coconut oil also has natural UV blocking so it’s a win-win in our books.

Jean Paul Gaultier Monsier Powder Bronzer

jeanDon’t fret guys. This is not a women’s powdering kit. This product just differs from most bronzers and self tanners in that it comes in powder form and is applied with a brush for those who truly can’t stand lotions. Designed for tanning the face, it is suitable for all skin types and washes off with absolute ease. The brush applicator means it’ll sweep and apply through your face with ease, leaving a bronze tone only you can be happy with. Too much orange? Wash it off and do it again. The convenience factor with this powder bronzer is incredible given you can apply it anywhere at anytime without waiting for it to dry.

Mr Browne Daily Bronzing Tint

MrBronwneAnother great Aussie made self-tanner is the daily bronzing tint by Mr Browne. It’s natural gel-based formula makes it perfect for daily use and even easier to remove with just soap and water. The essentials are there: non-streak, non-greasy and most importantly, subtle on the skin. It also has the benefits of quick drying so you won’t leave any stains behind on furniture or worse, on your clothes. It’s uninvasive and 100% fragrance free.

Clinique For Men Non-Streak Bronzer

clinique-nonstreak-bronzer-for-menThis easy to apply smooth, oil free formula provides a streak free bronze best suited for the face. The bronzer will give you a long lasting bronze appearance but can be removed easily with soap and water. There’s little mess with this product and a small coin sized amount is enough for a whole even face tan.

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

St__Tropez_Self_Tan_Bronzing_Mousse_50ml_1364223427Unlike the previous products this self tanner is suitable for the whole body. The mousse is lightweight and doesn’t sit thick or heavy on the skin. For best results and an even all over tan, utilise the applicator mitt alongside the mousse. Unlike some other products, this one has a pleasant fragrance and not only tans but conditions the skin with the inclusion of its Aloe Vera additive. 


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