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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #22

Prepare your manly bank balances for this week’s coolest gadgets to hit town. On this issue’s radar we’ve got an awesome Star Wars Death Star fire pit, a $27,000 solid gold pen from Porsche Design and deer in headlights. No really, we do.


#1 Custom Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit
With the cooler months heading south, there’s only one way to keep you and your guests warm when partaking in a bout of outdoor entertaining. Make Darth Vader’s headquarters the centrepiece of your evening with this post-battle Death Star fire pit which garners an uncanny resemblance to the film’s when fully lit up. The pit is handmade from steel and stands at 37.5 inches.
Price: $1,600/BUY


#2 Hyperkin Smart Boy
If you miss the simple days of your Nintendo Game Boy in the backseat of the family car, then long no more. Hyperkin are currently designing a plug-in peripheral for the iPhone 6 which transforms the smartphone into the classic portable gamer. Even better news? The unit will also allow players to insert their old Game Boy cartridges to play and relive the glory days in all of its 8-bit.

At the moment the device has been confirmed to go ahead but with no release date yet. Check their Facebook page below to find out more.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#3 Deer In Headlights LED fixture
Bring the analogy to your own home with these super cool LED fixtures that intricately replicate the head of a deer by projecting light horns onto the wall. The head is made from folded aluminium and steel and measures in at 39cm long x 35.5cm wide when switched off. Flick the switch on however and the lamp becomes 75cm x 70cm of bucking awesomeness. Heads can be chosen in either gold or silver.
Price: $190/BUY

#4 New York Apartment Block Mural
Can’t get yourself to New York? Turn your home into the iconic city instead with this realistic old style New York apartment block mural. The piece has an overall design width of 315cm & height of 232cm and is designed so that you can trim the tops and sides without any loss to the main image.
Price: $180/BUY

#5 Sissi Chair By Venezia
If you’re light on space and can only fit either a chair or a table in your living area, then your problems have been answered. The Sissi chair (unfortunate, that) is a contemporary design piece that gives a futuristic twist to a very functional piece of furniture. And you can move the whole thing around at will on your own. Marvellous.
Price: $909/BUY

#6 Porsche Design P3135 Solid Gold Pen
For those who sign off on big cheques for a living but have never felt adequate using civilian pens, Porsche have answered your call with this elegant looking biro. This unassuming gold slab is actually milled from a single piece of solid pure 14-/585 carat gold. Engraved is the unmistakable Porsche Design logo with a removable end piece for easy refills. Only eleven pens will be made and just like their cars, the price tag isn’t cheap.
Price: $27,000/BUY


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