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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #23

Dive into your baller Dollarmite account for this week’s wildest gadgets. Ever wanted your own personal hovercraft? You can now for a princely sum of $25,000. And we’ll also throw in an eco-friendly electric dirt bike and classy pen charger for good measure.


#1 Renegade Hovercraft
Delight your biggest fans with your biggest fan on land or water. The Renegade hovercraft is everything you’d want in a personal mobility tool that knows no bounds. With enough space for you and a passenger, the Renegade is constructed of a Kevlar hull for indestructibility and can reach speeds of 80km/h from it’s 4-stroke engine. Range isn’t the greatest at 240km but hey, it’s not like you can’t just drive over the traffic.
Price: $25,000/BUY

#2 Trefecta DRT Electric Dirt Bike
Hit the dirt trail without the droning buzz of an internal combustion engine from the Trefecta electric dirt bike. The unit is powered by a 4kW engine and 60-volt battery pack, which can get you a maximum range of 95km. Speed is rated at 65km/h but you can opt for pedal power via a hybrid system and 14-speed electrically shifting gearbox if that’s your thing. The aluminium frame is lightweight and foldable with 26″ carbon fibre wheels and off-road tyres. The thing even has iPhone integration.
Price: $25,000/BUY

#3 DJI Phantom 3 Drone
The DJI Phantom is one of the more well-known surveillance drones going around and this version sees the third incarnation of the gadget. The beauty of the DJI Phantom is that it’s a beginners drone packed with pro instruments to get you the best footage possible without dropping tens of thousands of dollars. Having said that, the Phantom 3 comes in both Beginners and Advanced models capable of 1080p/60fps or 4K/30fps video capture. A three-axis gimbal ensures smooth video, whilst onboard sensors let you fly safely indoors without a GPS signal.
Price: $1,000/BUY

#4 Ballpoint Pen Power Ring
If you can’t get your iPhone or Android device to a USB port for charging then this is the stationery you need on the run. As well as being a stylish writing tool, the pen is also a stylus and 800mAh mobile battery. The pen charges via USB and takes 90 minutes to get its juice back.
Price: $54/BUY

#5 Laughing Buddha Ice Mold
Achieve enlightenment one whisky at a time with this very cool ice mold that forms the detailed silhouette of a laughing buddha. The mold allows for four laughing Buddhas to be made at a time.
Price: $10/BUY

#6 Osuna Bookshelf By Tonin
Bookshelves don’t get any cooler with the latest geometric offering from Tonin. It’s made of MDF in walnut finish with mirror inserts to add some depth to your masculine man-library.
Price: $2,035/BUY




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