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10 Man-Friendly Interior Products For A Dramatic Effect

Pining to inject some instant masculinity into your home or work space?

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to do the hard yards scouring for the perfect products, as we reliable folk here at D’Marge have curated a list of the market’s finest just for you.

Finding strength in design isn’t just about using all heavy and dark features. Just like we need shadow to see light, heavy and dark features must be contrasted with slightly more graceful elements to evoke a stronger sense of strength. Comprende?


These are the ten sensational finds that will play with both strength and elegance to impact your home’s interior style.

#1 LC4-CP Chaise Lounge


Demanding the room, this iconic Chaise Lounge was designed by Le Corbusier in 1928 and provides the perfect shape for ultimate relaxation. The concept behind the design of the chair was to put man at core of the design; an idea that form and function should “be at the service” of relaxation. We just reckon it creates a harmonious balance between ergonomics and geometric perfection.

You can track one down from Cult Design now.

#2 Horsehair Chandelier By Apparatus


Graphite finished brass and jet black horse hair…need we say more? Inspired by the majestic animal itself, this statement pendant light is sure to turn heads in a room. Plus, they remind us a bit of nunchuks – which is super cool for going all Bruce Lee in a designer kind of way.

The chandelier is available from Criteria Collection.

#3 Impact Through Sizeable Art



Kerry Armstrong, a Melbourne based abstract artist has a “strong sense of vibrant colour and texture that brings to a space energy and emotion”. In other words, it oozes masculine cool like Sean Connery on steroids. This monochromatic piece in particular will give your interior a huge focal point, with its deep textural character thirstily pulling in your attention.

Measuring in at 203 x 153cm, the acrylic on linen is framed in solid hand-stained Ebony Australian Oak.

‘Just Before Sleep No.2’ by Kerry Armstrong is available from Becker Minty.

#4 Abbracciaio Gold Candle By Philippe Starck & Ambroise Maggiar


Designed by one of the worlds most recognised architects and designers, Philippe Starck and Ambroise Maggiar are two famous french men that have design squarely on point. In short, Starck and Maggiar are both “the man” in their design circles. So when they design a candle holder that is made from a cast of two shapes that when placed together, turn into a “loving embrace”, you will jump.

Here again, we have a great example of how stability and strength are evoked from something more feminine. Don’t get scared by this poetic gesture, simply embrace it like a true gentleman should.

Available from Space Furniture now.

#5 Tra Coat Stand By Tomoko Azumi


This lightweight coat stand designed by Tomoko Azumi exploits the flexible characteristics of Beech Wood. Its directional slats create an interweaved texture, the tall form exploring heights within your interior.

An important design feature you can start playing with is different heights and levels of objects inside a room; when incorporated with balance, it provides a much more interesting space.


The Tra Coat Stand can be found at Cafe Culture+Insitu.

#6 Matte Black Fixtures


Changing your standard chrome tap fixtures to matte black ones will immediately inject strength into your interior. The surprise of such contrasting matte black fixtures to what people expect is enough alone to do a fit out.

The fact that there’s so many handsome designs out there, one couldn’t possibly say no. You’ll also get major props from visitors for not only having impeccable taste, but also for bothering to take your interior a step further from just throwing a few fluffy cushions around your man-pad.

Matte black fixtures can be shopped at Meir.

#7 Tone Clock By Leff Amsterdam


This is not just any ordinary timekeeper. The Tone Clock from Leff Amsterdam features a play on light effect which changes the way you see it at different times of the day. Depending on the light intensity, the glossy index dials will reflect with different tones to give your room the visual statement it deserves.

This is achieved through a glossy transparent spot varnish finish that is printed onto the matte dial. A subtle feature which is the perfect addition for any modern man’s interior.

The Tone Clock is available in black, white and grey tones from Top3.

#8 Rod & Weave Arm Chair



Woven tanned leather and black rod frame combines a deliciously contrasting palette with intense masculine undertones. The powder coated metal frame stimulates the idea of balance with naturally tanned leather taking us back to the cave man days.

Include a set of two in your interior and start imagining all the discerning conversations that could take place on these visually charming arm chairs.

Available now at Eric Trine.

#9 Milano Rug Collection By Greg Natale


Hand knotted with Tibetan Wool, the Milano Rug Collection from Greg Natale will help you make the perfect power statement. Featuring a bold and graphic geometric pattern, this rug designed by the award-winning designer will create a truly striking environment in your home.

Confident, strong-willed and in touch with contemporary design, this is one rug that will maketh the magnificent bastard.

Available via Designer Rugs.

#10 Como Coffee Table


Ground the room with this black veneer toped coffee table. It’s connected geometric framing works up from the ground, showcasing the top-heavy sleek surface. Due to the funnel like shape of this coffee table, whatever you put on top will be accentuated.

This is because the angular base directs the human eye onwards and upwards to the top. So make sure you make an impression with what you place on the top. You can use layers of impressive coffee table books or simply ground them with a small sculpture.


Available now from Project 82.


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