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7 Masculine Ways To Transform Walls In Your Home

Empty walls are blank canvases that have the potential to invigorate the entire mood and atmosphere of your home.

Look around your humble abode, how many empty walls do you currently have? We’re guessing a few too many which are as plain as Paris Hilton’s acting chops.

Blank walls can be sterile and intimidating at the best of times, so we’ve gathered a set of mind-blowing options for the modern man to get your home familiar with the world of superb design. Start by jotting down the overall look and feel you want to achieve in your man cave. Maybe you want sophistication? Or a bold showstopper? Whatever it is, we’ve got the seven ways to help you achieve it.


Unspoken Rules Of Paint


A monster of a topic in itself, choosing the right colours and finishes for your walls can be a very daunting task. So let’s just start with rule number one – stay away from the cream! Highly overused and applied in the 40s, it is far from fresh or clean in 2015.

The general finishes guidelines most people follow is to use a flat matte finish on the ceiling, a low-sheen on the walls and a semi-gloss on any skirting or architraves (those moulded pieces that line your door frames or windows).

As experts in interiors, we want to let you in on a secret: grey. Don’t worry, we’re not talking 50 Shades here. Any shade of grey is a reliable colour that will make your mates think you have been in cahoots with a colour expert.

Grey looks great with rays of sunshine and also shadow, it goes with any personal style meaning its flexible over time with any furnishing changes. So tee up a wax on/wax off paint session with your local Mr. Miyagi, stat.

Exhibit Your Personal Art Gallery


Curating your own personal gallery of artworks is not just for billionaire collectors. Art gives you the opportunity to transport you and your guests into a different time and place. Start exposing yourself to galleries. Investing in up and coming artists is a great exercise and may even make you a pretty penny one day.

Pro Tip: Whether you’re investing in an expensive piece or have something you absolutely love, use the art piece as the basis to inspire your style and furnishings. This will help you create a cohesive and original interior.


Art Of Randomness


If you would like to create a random picture wall, note that there is actually nothing random about it. First choose a collection of pieces that you want to display together, these could be art works, photographs or anything that can be framed. The main line of your pieces should sit at eye level (170cm from the ground).

Make templates of each frame from cardboard or newspaper so you can arrange these around on your wall with blu-tack until your’re satisfied with the perfect composition. Start the arrangement by choosing a center piece and adding each frame around it.

Experiment With Grasscloth Wallpaper


We rarely like to recommend wallpaper as often the graphics and patterns get old and cringeworthy very quickly. But there is one type of wallpaper that is totally acceptable and that’s the reliable grasscloth. Made from natural fibers, this wallpaper adds texture without a repetitive look. You can choose from a range of colours and even incorporate a metallic sheen into the fibers, instantly adding a slice of sophistication to your interior.

A great place to apply this wallpaper is in your living room or bedroom as it has a comforting and natural feeling about it. Take it from us, grasscloth can turn the average boy’s room into a 7 Star Hotel Suite.

Pro Tip: To help you cut down your search, you can find grasscloth wallpapers at Wallpaper Australia or Boyd Blue.

Mirrored Perception


If you need a brighter and bigger space, there’s no need to contact the real estate agents – just add a mirrored illusion. A large mirror or entire mirrored wall will reflect any natural or artificial light that’s in the room and will also make your place feel spades bigger (ideal for hallway entrances). As a bonus, you’ll also get to see that pretty mug of yours more often. #selfiemirror

Pro Tip: Go for a tinted grey or gold mirror for a stylish edge.


Panel Those Walls


Be bold and have your walls or a single feature wall clad in rows of timber panelling. Luckily for you, there are a range of high-end hard woods or affordable VJ MDF cladding options to choose from (also easily installed by your inner handy man over a weekend). To suit your manly instincts, we recommend finishing your walls in a matte or semi-gloss jet black paint.

Not only will these black clad walls create a masculine depth, but you can also install them to change the feeling of size in your place. Install them horizontally for a sense of increased width or vertically for increased height, as the lines of the slats will enhance the lengths of your room.

Own Your Wall Library


You’re already the cultured type, so why not showcase your finest reads along the wall? Have a joiner design you a custom floor to ceiling book shelf. You can choose between a stacked shelf or you could display your bigger coffee table books that showcase their covers in a slim line shelving system.

If you do choose a normal stacked book shelf, break up the books with sculptures or interesting objects that double as conversation starters.

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