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Love & Object Launches Rich & Rare Featuring Elle Brittain

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Being a magnificent bastard isn’t all about one’s own triumphs. Sometimes you have to give back a little to the system to gain something intangible. As they say, happy wife, happy life, which brings us to the latest Rich & Rare jewellery collection by Love & Object for your special someone.

The latest fine luxury pieces are glamorously modelled by Aussie model Elle Brittain and showcases Love & Object’s drive to bring to the market rare and rich jewels that no one else can offer. The company has also enlisted a wide range of designers to create works of art with a distinctive look whilst forecasting future jewellery trends with jewels from the past.

If it’s statement pieces that are luxuriously designed in rare quantities you’re after, the collection is your ideal option which showcases only the best in the world.

Click through the gallery to see the collection or find out more at Love & Object.


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