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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #28

This week’s coolest gadget round up features a hero piece that is truly unattainable. There’s a katana sword masterfully forged from meteor rock, a personal watercraft that can pull 90-degree turns at high speed, a singing lightbulb and one serious road racer bicycle. Cash or credit?


#1 The Meteorite Sword
You read right. This sensational work of deadly art is crafted from an actual meteor. The Tentetsutou, which translates to ‘The Sword of Heaven’ is a Japanese katana forged by Yoshindo Yoshiwara (the Hanzo Hattori sword master of the real world) from a fragment of a Gibeon meteor – an iron nickel alloy-based rock that landed in Namibia in 1838. The sword is absolutely not for sale and can only be seen on display at Skytree tower in Tokyo, Japan.

#2 Wavekat P70 Personal Watercraft
Moving back to the realms where money can buy you something cool is this personal watercraft from Wavekat. With Summer just around the corner for our American friends, why settle for a jet-ski or boat when you can standout with something that drives like a car on water. The Wavekat has a steering wheel and throttles just like a car which makes it exceptionally easy to pilot over waves. To top this off, the asymmetric catamaran design allows the driver to make neck-breaking 90-degree turns with little speed drop. We’re not sure if flipping the thing is ideal but the manufacturer claims that the design ensures a stable ride. Top speed? 35 knots = 65km/h.
Price: $22,500/BUY

#3 Sony LED Lightbulb Speaker
Can’t decide if you need a lightbulb or speaker? Get both with Sony’s latest iteration of the classic lightbulb which features a built-in 2-watt speaker system. It won’t set your house party on fire but it’s a definite welcome to cool office spaces and hallways which could do with some of aural character to go with its cool design. The device fits into any standard socket to provide up to 360-lumens of app-controlled lighting with music streamed to the light bulb via Bluetooth on your smartphone. There’s no word on its official release just yet, but you can watch it in action here.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Jellyfish Aquarium By Cubic
We featured a small jelly fish tank last week, now its time to meet its bigger brother by Cubic – because jelly fish are just so damn cool when they’re not sucking the life out of you with tentacles. This particular model is made from cast acrylic and allows the owner to select up to 640 colours with its LED lighting system. You can also set it to slowly scroll through the colours so you don’t effect those jelly fish with epilepsy. Simple to maintain and with filtration made easy, the aquarium measures in at a sizeable 26 x 10.2 x 23.6 inches.
Price: $1,300/BUY

#5 Monolith Chair By Duffy London
Humans spend a good part of their lifetime parked on a seat. So why not conquer it in style with the hand-made Monolith Chair from Duffy London. The trick transparent design makes the furniture appear to balance one monolith on top of two toppling ones. The mild steel frame is powder coated in blue or other colours and features a perspex back support for extra stealthiness. You’ll never think of seating the same again and it’s sure to be a conversation starter amongst guests.
Price: $1,600/BUY

#6 Fuji Transonic Aero Racer
If you’re looking for a no gimmicks road racer that has the aero efficiency and speed to match some of the more exotic counterparts, then look no further. Fuji’s engineers have put the bike through adequate wind-tunnel and FEA modelling to ensure the bike has the optimum performance to take on your competition. The frame used C10 high modulus carbon fibre that cuts through the wind without compromising rigidity and weight. The result is a smooth ride at speed that can also be controlled by the rider. Pro-level performance at a fraction of the price? Take our monies.
Price: $5,999/BUY




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