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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #29

When the world gives you lemons, you sell those lemons and buy yourself some gadgets. This week sees some of the coolest gadgets available on the market with traditional wakeboarding taking on an electric twist, a free-standing personal washing machine, an RC flying tank and more. She take your money.


#1 Wakejet Cruise
The time has arrived where wakeboarding goes futuristic. The Wakejet Cruise is an electric powered wakeboard constructed of carbon kevlar which allows the rider complete freedom of water sports. Jet propulsion means you can hit the high speeds of traditional wakeboards with the manoeuvrability of a surfboard. How fast are we talking? 25 knots (45km/h) at peak speed lasting for 30 minutes before it needs a quick 1 hour charge.
Price: $20,000/BUY

#2 B-Unstoppable Hybrid Tank Quadcopter
Destined for use in the military is a new take on all-terrain RC vehicles and airborne drones. Go Beyond is the Kickstarter team behind this cool gadget which promises to cross any terrain – or if not, fly over it entirely. It also comes with a built-in camera and MicroSD slot for those sneaky missions.
Price: $90/BUY

SWASH is a personal clothes washing device that takes the idea ‘one wear without sweat doesn’t necessarily mean it’s dirty’ to the real world. It’s essentially a cost-effective alternative to bringing your garments to the dry cleaners only after one wear. The device is capable of removing wrinkles and odours whilst faithfully restoring the shirt for its next call of duty. A streamlined design also makes it super space-friendly and easy to store.
Price: $500/BUY

#4 Ninebot One E+ Self Balancing Scooter
Two things can come from the Ninebot self balancing scooter: 1) you have the most fun in your life or 2) you break your neck having the most fun in your life. Still, it doesn’t mean the scooter isn’t cool. Much like how the Segueway saw mainstream success, the One E+ looks to replicate that movement with one wheel less. It has a range of 30km and charges overnight for a full day’s run. Simply lean forward to move forward, lean back to slow down or go backwards and twist to turn.

Connecting it to your phone via Bluetooth and an app means you can customise lighting, colours and sounds as well as checking your speed, temperature and running time.
Price: $950/BUY

#5 Hock Design Jump Rope
If there was a Miranda Kerr of jump ropes, this would be it. Whilst burning calories is still on the agenda, looking stunning also forms a top priority of this high-end skipping rope. Crafted in Germany, the rope is actually made from Italian leather whilst the handles are crafted from American walnut. Ball bearings are also inserted into the handles for those who fancy the occasional speed rope session.
Price: $200/BUY

#6 ‘I Am Your Father’ Banksy Wall Sticker
Show your trendy and nerdy side at the same time with the Star Wars X Banksy wallpaper. Precision cut from high grade low-tac vinyl for easy application and removal, the design is an essential centrepiece for any Banksy or Star Wars fan.
Price: $42/BUY 




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