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Air New Zealand’s Secret VIP Priority One Lounge

When it comes to top secret air travel, the next best thing to owning a private jet and security is New Zealand’s Elite Priority One Lounge.

Designed to service the most wealthiest and famous of clients, the locations of the top secret airport lounges are not disclosed to the public and are cagey. Quality-wise you can expect the elite service to be a serious step above the already classy Koru lounge.

How does one get access to such pre-flight luxuries? Attaining membership to Elite Priority One is by invitation only from Air New Zealand chief executive Christopher Luxon or by his top executives.

Thus far, the few known locations of these extravagant lounges have been at the new Star Alliance lounge in Los Angeles. It is also suspected that an Elite Priority One lounge also resides behind locked doors at Air New Zealand’s new Sydney Airport international lounge.

Some of the well-heeled clients on the list of about one hundred includes Xero chief executive Rod Drury who reveals that the Elite Priority One lounges are nothing special.

“I’ve seen them and I know that they exist. I don’t think they’re that flash though,” he said.

Ian Taylor, who is the CEO of Animation Research, a company which looks after computer graphics for global sporting events like the America’s Cup, the Cricket World Cup and the Volvo Ocean Race added that he was reluctant to talk about “that secret society”.

“I’m not sure what the policy is. It’s quite quiet and nobody says much about it,” he added.

He did however confirm its launch in 2014 with a small number of members to date.

The discreet concierge style service is rather new to the airline wars and is a bold move in rewarding high-value customers with something memorable. Not many other airlines do it at the moment besides Air New Zealand’s alliance partner Virgin Australia who operate The Club and Qantas’ invitation-only Chairman’s Lounge.

Select punters of these clubs can expect special menus, personalised services, luxury facilities and escorts to assist members to the terminal gates.

And the one golden rule to being invited by these secret clubs as a member?  Be a part of a company which has the potential to generate $1 million in revenue for the airlines.

[via Traveller]




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