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5 Signs Your Grooming Routine Needs An Overhaul

You can upgrade almost everything in your life. Whether it be your car, home appliances, your wardrobe, and even your mother-in-law. So why not upgrade your grooming routine?

There are many reasons for a grooming upgrade; maybe your skin type has changed, the seasons have changed or you still live in the stone ages and are using a genetic bar of soap to wash your hair, face and body.

Regardless of the reason a change is as good as a holiday and if you’re guilty of any of the following grooming faux pas it’s time for an upgrade.


#1 Not Having A Bar Of It


It may be hard to believe but some men’s entire grooming routine consists of using a single bar of generic soap. If you fall into this category, it’s time for a change.

Run of the mill bars of soap contain high pH levels which can change the balance of your skin’s own pH levels. Using a bar of soap also removes skin’s natural oils and clogs pores causing everything from dry to oily skin.

Instead of soap invest in an effective facial cleanser that suits your skin type. Clinique for Men Face Wash trumps a bar of soap every time. Suited for normal to dry skin it won’t leave skin tight like soap can and won’t clog pores.

#2 Not Mastering The Mix & Match


Just as a bar of soap won’t address your personal skin care needs, neither will the wrong products. Therefore it’s important to purchase grooming products, whether they be face scrubs, cleansers or moisturisers, that address your skin type. It’s not enough to simply buy any old product from the personal care section, you need to take a closer look at what each product does and what it addresses.

Fortunately it’s not all that hard to find the right products for your skin type with many products on the market stating on the package what they are geared to address. For example if you suffer from oily skin you would look for a products that target that skin concern.

Think Lab Series Oil Control Solution, a face wash for those with oily skin that contains ingredients which rid the skin of excess oil and work to control the amount of oil produced by the skin.


#3 Still Living With The Sting Of Shaving


The old school aftershave your Dad or Grandad used to splash on after shaving did have its benefits; it prevented nicks and cuts from becoming infected and tightened the skin to prevent said cuts from bleeding too much.

However the negatives far outweigh the positives with aftershaves drying out skin and furthering irritation with the inclusion of alcohol in the formula.

So it’s time to ditch this product from yesteryear and take advantage of a soothing aftershave balm. Aftershave balm offers much needed hydration to post shave skin, which has been stripped of natural oils and layers of skin during the shaving process.

As well as hydrating and soothing irritated skin, aftershave balm offers a subtle fragrance that won’t clash with your signature cologne.

Make the switch with Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm. Enriched with Vitamin E and Chamomile, this balm offers an immediate soothing sensation and contains no alcohol. Not only does it offer immediate relief to post shave skin it also build up the skin’s natural defences over time.

#4 Choosing The Right Weapon For The Job


Let’s face it, you’re busy enough and you become even more time poor when you factor in your extensive grooming routine. With all the applying, rinsing off and scrubbing your time can fly by and the next thing you know you’re missing your bus to work.

Instead of using a multitude of products combine them and look your best sooner. Now don’t go and mix your cleanser, face scrub and moisturiser and apply, simply seek out products that offer two benefits in one.

For example use an affordable moisturiser that also contains added sun protection, saving you time applying sunscreen on top of your moisturiser. MILK have successfully released a number of products that offer the 2 in 1 benefit. Such as their Face Moisturiser with Sunscreen SPF 15 + and their combination Face Wash and Face Scrub.


#5 What Hair Care?


As mentioned at the start of this article some men still rely solely on a bar of soap for their entire grooming routine, and sadly this also includes their hair. Hair needs to be cleaned and conditioned regularly to keep it manageable and in good condition.

An effective shampoo will remove dirt and build up of oils and product from the hair. While a conditioner softens and protects hair from the loss of essential oils. There is a fine balance to be struck and a simple bar of soap is grossly inadequate.

When buying shampoo, much like skincare, it’s important to buy according to your needs. So if you have dry hair buy a moisturising shampoo and conditioner. The  best shampoos are salon brands which offer higher quality and better ingredients that won’t adversely affect the condition of your hair.

Toni and Guy or American Crew offer excellent products that target everything from dry hair to dandruff.


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