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Bremont: A Modern Story In Becoming A Master Watchmaker

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Bremont is an anomaly in the watchmaking world. At just thirteen years old, it’s a relative newcomer to the horology game, but already Bremont is an award-winning company with an international reputation.

Time began for Bremont in 2002, when brothers Nick and Giles English embarked on a journey to make masterfully crafted timepieces. They combined a mutual love of historic aircraft and horology to create an exclusive range of pilot’s watches steeped in the spirit of adventure.

Well-deserved recognition followed. Against companies that have been in business for a hundred years or more, Bremont became the go-to source for aviation-inspired watchmaking. Few brands have gone from unknown to explosive success story in such a short span of time.


But it wasn’t enough to nail a niche. While flight remains an essential part of Bremont’s DNA, the company is keen to take on new challenges and expand its reach. We sat down with Giles English, the Co-Founder of Bremont, to get the inside scoop on their vision of the perfect watch and their latest adventures.

“Nick and I grew up with both flying and sailing in our blood,”

On The Front Line

“The military space has been massive for us,” explains English. Bremont has built a close working relationship with armed forces all over the world, producing bespoke mechanical chronometers that celebrate the individual identities of squadrons.

These aren’t the tough-as-nails, shock resistant, oversized timepieces you’d wear in combat. Bremont’s chronometers are refined and elegant, better suited to superfine wool than fatigues. This is the watch you wear back home, and one day pass on to a son eager to walk in his father’s stylish footsteps.

Bremont’s bespoke military work sets the company apart from all other luxury watch brands. It’s a unique experience – not only do Bremont’s handsome timepieces reflect the company’s values, but also those of the squadrons and military units they represent. It’s proved to be a winning combination. “About 20% of our business is making custom military pieces,” English says.

Built To Be Driven

Having dominated the sky, Bremont took its talents to the ground. A long-term partnership with Jaguar has produced a number of unique pieces, including the clock for the C-X75 concept supercar (look for it in the new Bond film), one-of-a-kind designs for the Paris Motor Show and Pebble Beach, and a bespoke mechanical clock and stopwatch for the Jaguar XJ75 Platinum concept car.

In 2014, the two British brands teamed up to create six exclusive wristwatches to complement the six new Lightweight E-types built by Jaguar Heritage. The cars are the ‘missing’ six vehicles from the ‘Special GT E-type’ project, which began in February 1963.

“They were originally going to make 18,” English explains, “and they only ever made 12.” The remaining six lay dormant until Jaguar revived the project and brought on Bremont to commemorate it.

Following the success of that release, Jaguar and Bremont announced two new watches. The latest additions to the lineup were inspired by the road-going Jaguar E-Type, which was the fastest production car in the world at the time of its launch in 1961 (and, according to Enzo Ferrari, also the most beautiful).


“There’s a sense of adventure, there’s style, and it’s British,” says English of the partnership. “Bremont and Jaguar are natural collaborators.”

Destined For The High Seas

On land and in the air, Bremont has proved it can retain its sense of adventure and commitment to British heritage. But what about at sea?

Naturally, Bremont has conquered that too.

The brand’s next big move has made it Official Timing Partner to the 35th America’s Cup and to the defending champion, Oracle Team USA.

“Nick and I grew up with both flying and sailing in our blood,” English explains, “so it’s a dream-come-true that Bremont has the opportunity to support and promote the race.” It’s also groundbreaking – Bremont is the first to sponsor both the event and the reigning champs.

“Because we’re a relatively new brand, we aren’t so confined. We can be ourselves.”

The adventure, heritage and engineering fundamental to the Cup make it a natural fit for Bremont. Both have strong British roots, a thirst for experience and discovery, and an appreciation for exceptional engineering.

“It’s a complete honour for us,” says English, “and just really good fun.” To celebrate their partnership and shared philosophies, Bremont will release a series of sailing watches for the event.

Back To Basics

Of course, regardless of where Bremont’s adventures lead, aviation will always be at its heart. Limited edition historical pieces have become a hallmark of the brand, and for very good reason.

Take the Wright Flyer, a limited edition launched in 2014. Not only does it feature Bremont’s first in-house movement, it also incorporates some of the original muslin fabric used on the wings of the 1903 Wright Flyer, the world’s first successful powered airplane. Does an aviation-inspired watch get better than that? Probably not.

The question is, what now? Where does a brand that’s already triumphed on land, sea, and sky, and done it all so quickly, go next?


According to English, the answer is… anywhere they want.

“Because we’re a relatively new brand, we aren’t so confined,” he says. “We can be ourselves.” A company that’s been around for 300 years has a past to live up to and a lineage to respect, but Bremont is unshackled. The sky, quite literally, is the limit.


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