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Decoding & Understanding Interior Design: QT Hotel

We’re going to assume that you are quite the well travelled gent, slipping in and out of hotel rooms between work and play.

But have you ever wondered how to recreate such a seamless and luxurious experience in your own home?

Today we’re giving you the ultimate guide on how to decode interior design in your man pad by mirroring superb hotel design, specifically that of QT Hotel in Sydney.

More Than A Hotel


Exploding with eccentric theatrics and wild furnishings, QT Sydney spells divine sex. Located in Sydney’s Historical Gowings Department Store and The State Theatre, the 200 suite boutique hotel can offer you so much more than just a good nights stay.

Designed by Indyk Architects and Nic Graham with the intent to not only be eccentric, this dazzling inner-city hub is also incredibly comfortable. Superior hotels have the whole smooth experience thing down pat, this is because ritual is broken down with convenience, ambience and luxury.

Behind Closed Doors


So what’s so special about QT Sydney you ask? Unlike other hotels within its vicinity, QT is brimming with character throughout each and every room.

In most instances, many hotels explore the “Wow Factor” in common areas, but at QT you will not cease to be amazed. Individuality and the hotel’s bespoke design elements enhance your entire journey inside.

Sitting somewhere between a theatre set and a fantasy world, QT boasts a truly decadent and playful interior. The interactive and cheeky nature of the hotel begins as soon as you embark on the experience. QT’s concierge girls, cleverly named as the “Directors of Chaos” are dressed up in full costume, including red wigs and leather.

All the elevators have interactive sensors that count the number of guests inside the lift and play music suitably, if your alone you get to feel the emotions in Akon’s “Lonely”, but add more bodies to the mix and you’ll be listening to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”.

Developing a taste for interiors isn’t just about reading the latest interior magazines, for the most part it’s about taking notice of interiors and the varying experiences they create and shape for you.

So, if you’ve ever needed a good excuse to hit up a fancy hotel – with a sexy plus 1 or not – here’s your motivation to start now.

Taking The Interior Design Home


To get a slice of the QT lifestyle at home, start by analysing every touch point of your routine at home. It’s important to have clear rituals to increase your productivity and decrease your stress.

You can then design your interior to suit these rituals, which is exactly how hotel design works. Keep this question in mind, how can you make your life easier? Here are few areas that may get you thinking.

The Grand Entrance


Maybe some storage at your front door will stop you from forgetting your things in the morning, but let’s not stop there. Even the grand entrance of your home deserves the best (even if your hallway is a little pokey).

Take cues from QT and make your entrance truly alluring. You may not be able to hire a firey red haired concierge girl to stand at your door step all day like QT can, but you certainly can choose edgy furniture, textural rugs and sensual lighting.

The Bedroom


One of the best rooms in your house, it needs space for winding down, a deep restful sleep and a bit of saucy time. Take it from QT and incorporate a comfortable arm chair and coffee table. Why not install a bed side lamp that can be retracted when not in use, remember it doesn’t just have to be used for reading, but rather a bit of intimate mood lighting too, if you get our gist.

Clutter-Free Living


Yes, you can live with less and still maintain ambience. Boutique Hotels balance necessity and styled atmospheres without being cluttered. Weigh up what it is you really need and what design elements have the most impact. Say goodbye to unnecessary belongings or rubbish that you’ve held onto since college, it will only drag you down.

Down The Rabbit Hole


Love the zany yet sophisticated style of QT Sydney? Think designer wonderland and mix a range of bright patterns with mid-century furniture and second hand oddities, don’t be afraid to mix styles and genres!

In fact, it has been made it really easy for you, shop designer Nic Grahams speciality “QT Collection”. Alternatively, get those voluptuously solid brass pendant lights ‘Void Mini Light’ from De De Ce.


Love those out of this world sculptures? They are by acclaimed Australian Artist Dion Horstmans and can be found here.




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