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Drinking For A Charitable Cause At Negroni Week

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Enjoying the spoils of a classic cocktail is something every man needs to experience at least once in his life.

Just as every magnificent bastard knows how to celebrate in style, he should also know that his greatest achievements are built on the pillars of society that support his cause. Some would call this the art of giving and receiving. Negroni, one of the world’s finest cocktails, are taking it a step further and calling it a drink for your cause.


The Lowdown On Negroni Week


In 2013 Negroni took the initiative to raise money for charities by launching a positive week-long event known as Negroni Week. The event sees bars from around the world mixing Negronis and donating a portion of the proceeds from each drink to a charity of their choice.

After two successful years of sharing Negroni and helping those less fortunate, Negroni Week will finally be launching on a global scale and hitting Australia for the first time ever. From June 1 – 7, patrons can kick back with a Negroni at their favourite drinking hole knowing that they’ll be making a positive change to society.

It’s a special cause from a special kind of drink which we definitely don’t mind hanging with on a Friday afternoon. And what exactly makes the Negroni name a definitive drop to know amongst the liquor cabinet?

The History Of Negroni


A quick history lesson will reveal that the classic Negroni has been around for almost a century, starting life in 1919 in Florence when Count Camillo Negroni ordered an Americano with a twist.


Soda was cordially replaced with a touch of gin and a fine orange garnish thrown in for a citrus kick to mark the new arrival. Count Negroni’s Americano came to be and the rest they’d say, would be history.

With no shortage of mixologist from around the world who understand the distinct flavours of Negroni, you’ll be hard pressed to find a drink as enduring and iconic as this contemporary cocktail.

How To Get Involved


To get involved on this great initiative and find out more about participating bars and venues across Australia, simply head over to the Negroni Week site now.


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