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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #30

Your weekly dose of the world’s greatest gadgets have arrived and it’s a wild bunch this time around. In the market for a personal tank to see you through the zombie apocalypse? How about a boombox modelled off a Star Wars AT-BT? We’ve got it all and we’re taking your pocket money with us.


#1 Ripsaw EV2
Whether you’re preparing for a zombie apocalypse or have just watched the latest Mad Max film, the Ripsaw EV2 will have you in awe whilst posing the question “what in the bloody hell?” The menacing vehicle designed by Howe & Howe Technologies has been de-militarised for civilian and “recreational” use. The luxury super tank features a 600hp engine that can take you and your passenger way off the beaten track. It’s been slated as the world’s fastest dual tracked vehicle and drifting in it is also possible. Watch the demo below to find out more.

We’re not sure how well it’ll go down with the cops when you take it down to your local park, but what are they going to book you for? Public nuisance in a tank?
Price: $TBC/BUY

#2 AT-BT Boombox
Fans of Star Wars will no doubt recognise the legendary AT-BT robotic walker – a deadly weapon used by the Empire to fire laser beams at our titular Jedi heroes. This one is a little different though, firing sick beats from its 4 speakers (2 large, 2 small). The awesome boombox is signed on the inside hatch and stands at half a metre long by 40cm high. It can be operated on lithium batteries to last 6-8 hours with a 5 Watt output or via an AC adaptor with 20watt output. Upgrades to the AT-BT are also available with 2 x 250 Watt options, Bluetooth, NFC and LED lighting.
Price: $500/BUY

#3 Sprite Portable Rugged Drone
It takes a lot to stand out in the world of drones these days but the Sprite is certainly one of them. The creators say that the Sprite is “a tool, not a toy” – and they’re serious about proving it. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, professional photographer or a commercial operator, the Sprite is your eye in the sky.

The frame is a longitudinal-style build as opposed to others on the market, making it easy to grasp and take off. It is also fully enclosed, and water resistant with controls being taken care of via either a control, tablet or auto pilot with 3D GPS telemetry. The camera records 1080p HD videos and features a 2-axis stabilised gimbal. The range is a hefty 6km on a good day but can vary depending on the weather conditions.
Price: +$799/BUY

#4 SensorWake Smell Alarm Clock
Those sick of waking up to a ringtone on their phone can now rise from slumber to the smell of hot croissants or chocolate. Parisian based entrepreneur Guillaume Rolland has created the world’s first scented alarm clock that reckons it can awaken you through intense smells rather than sound. There’s already a number of smell capsules on offer including sweet peach, strawberry candy, seaside, lush jungle, ebony luxury and dollar – for when you want to smell like a million bucks. We’re hanging out for the scent of Sydney Trains.
Price: + €80/BUY

#5 Pixelkabinett 42
Love Hultén have created one serious hero piece for the man cave with their latest arcade cabinet. Designed and crafted in Sweden, the Pixelkabinett 42 is a fully-functional two player arcade complete with flip up screen. Where it really stands out though is in its vintage design and finish – constructed in premium walnut, the machine has customisable innards with a jamma-board computer and joysticks alongside old school buttons. If you plan on getting one you better be prepared to wait. Hultén’s creations cannot be found in stores and he works alone, building each individual order as they come in.
Price: €3,699/BUY

#6 Sandisk World’s Smallest 128GB USB Drive
There’s nothing special about a USB drive these days but when you release the world’s smallest USB with a huge 128GB capacity, that’s definitely something to be proud of. The latest unit from Sandisk is the size of a 5c piece (or a dime for our American friends). Measuring in at just 19mm, the USB Ultra Fit 3.0 will be available on the site in just a few days with the 64GB version on sale now for $109.
Price: $TBC/BUY




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