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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #31

Gadgets are the way to a man’s heart and every week we’re bringing you the best the world has to offer. This week, a little something outside of the tech realm but still willing to steal all your money is a cliffside house you’d need balls of steel to live in, one killer Foosball table and a mobile boombox that is sure to wake your neighbours in the next suburb.


#1 Modscape Cliff House
Although only conceptual in design, the Modscape home still makes for a stunning sight as a five storey residence that hangs off the extreme parcels of coastal Australian land. Clients have actually approached Modscape about this type of home in the past and this is their answer.


Due to the unorthodox location, the home is modular and acts as a natural extension of the cliff, held in place by heavily engineered steel pins. Entry to the home is through a carport on the top floor with a lift which vertically connects the owner to each descending living area. Think you’re game enough? Give Modscape a call and find a really good real estate agent.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#2 PURE Foosball Table
No man cave is complete without a classic Foosball table but one which looks right at home in a designer studio? That’s something entirely different. The PURE Foosball table features a sculptural thermo-formed shell, oak legs and top, and chromed steel players. If the missus complains, ask her how much her handbag costed.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#3 Deus Electric Postie Bike
A true icon of the Australian mail service gets the cafe racer treatment by Deus and boy does it come out quite the looker. Also known as the Honda CT110, the postie bike has long been the weapon of choice for Australian and New Zealand posties due to their ease of use and reliability. Builders Joe Fischer and Ryan Mischkulnig took it down a green route, replacing the petrol motor in the Cub C90 with a motor and battery from a H-52 Hurricane. The frame was then finished with copper tubing highlights and a fresh vintage blue paint job. It’s no suprise this electric beast took out top honours at Deus Ex Machina’s ‘2015 Deus Bike Build Off’.
Price: $TBA/BUY

#4 Proto X Nano RC Quadcopter
Another gadget, another drone, right? Close. This one is one of the latest nano drones to be created – a tiny remote control quadcopter which is capable of landing on your fingertip. It features LEDs for low light flight and a 2.4GHz transmitter to deliver uninterrupted flight times. The best bit? It’s a bargain.
Price: $65/BUY

#5 Cobblestone Wi-Fi Music Receiver by MÜZO
When discretion is your only design language, you can’t go past the cobblestone music receiver by MÜZO. It essentially turns your speakers and home theatre into a streaming music system through Wi-Fi. Enjoy your music wirelessly via the internet or stream to multiple rooms with additional cobblestones. The MÜZO app also allows you to control music via your smartphone. Just don’t leave it outside in the garden if you don’t plan on losing it.
Price: $59/BUY

#6 Blastmaster XL Mobile Boombox
Lock out laws ruining your parties? It’s time to reclaim the night with the Blastmaster. Sounds serious, right? That’s because it is. Wheel it around at your will as the monstrous portable stereo system pays homage to the 30-year-old concept in classic style. Backyards, warehouses, pool parties, anywhere you can go, so can the Blastmaster.

The unit is built onto a steel chassis that rolls on four pneumatic tyres for easy navigation over any terrain. Simply pull it along via its integrated wagon handle. Power you say? Over 2,000 watts with eight PA-quality Piezo horn tweeters, two “6 x 9″ mid-range speakers, and a 12” dual-voice coil subwoofer with dedicated crossover.

Music connectivity is of today and duly sorted by Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or a music device from up to 10 metres away. For those oldschool folk, it also has in-built CD player, AM/FM radio, USB port, and 3.5mm input and a remote.


For the party folk? You get three recessed drink holders, a bottle opener, and a flagpole mount built in. A 12-volt deep-cycle marine battery easily provides up to 20 hours of jams.
Price: $4,000/BUY


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