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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #32

A man’s home is never complete without the odd toy. Today we’ve got them all from a radical carbon fibre stealth bike inspired by the F-117 fighter aircraft, to a carbon fibre lounge chair by Ralph Lauren, and Dyson’s latest insane creation – a futuristic LED lamp designed to last 37 years.

She’ll definitely be taking your money this week.


#1 B-9 NH Black Edition Bicycle
Exorbitant bicycles made from carbon fibre are not uncommon these days. When you have one as jaw-dropping as the B-9 however, you have something truly spectacular on your hands.

Bratislavian design group BME Design took the iconic chiselled shape of the F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft and handcrafted it into a bike which weighs 9kg sans the wheels. The unit runs a single-speed carbon belt drive and and comes with a formidable security system by Atomic22 to match.

Want one? There’s only 100 units being made with every bicycle purchase allowing for personal settings and customisations. The price? A bargain…in comparison to car maker bikes which can easily retail for over $10,000.
Price: $8,750/BUY

#2 Ralph Lauren RL-CF1 Lounge Chair
Fashion labels sometimes throw caution to the wind and do things completely uncalled for. The RL-CF1 is one of them.

It sounds more like a high tech robot and so it should, as this lounge chair takes the classic furniture silhouette and merges it with Ralph Lauren’s design flair to create a luxuriously futuristic piece. It’s also extremely lightweight and sturdy with the arm rests and backing moulded from a single piece of carbon fibre. Leather finishes off the look perfectly and yes, Batman, it does come in black.
Price: $18,000/BUY

#3 Ginkgo Solar Tree Charging Station
Something for the gadget-loving greenie out there is this cool solar tree charger from a recently funded Kickstarter group. The Ginkgo is compatible with iPhones and iPads and is even made of eco-friendly bamboo with a sturdy aluminium base. The internal lithium battery is rated at 4000mAh to ensure it can hold enough of the sun’s charge to replenish your device.
Price: $120/BUY

#4 Simplism Hibiki Acoustic Phone Case
Don’t believe the name – there’s nothing really simple about this elaborate case which takes design and technology to a whole new level. The case is designed to enhance overall sound quality out of your phone’s music by blocking out the interfering radio waves emitted.

Even if you’ve got a decent pair of headphones and are running lossless audio, chances are there’s still some degradation. The Hibiki case negates this by using materials on the inner case to block those interferences. The outer core is hand made in Japan by skilled craftsman out of American White Ash to give it the final finish it deserves.
Price: $340/BUY

#5 Dyson CSYS Task Light
By now you’d know the Dyson name and you’d know that they don’t do things in halves. When they create, its goal is to revolutionise. Product in question today: the humble desk lamp.

Trading up their vacuum cleaners for a day, Dyson have unveiled a LED desk lamp which can last 37 years. Standard LED lamps can only muster about 5- 17 years at the moment. The Dyson lamp also features a versatile 3-axis glide motion feature and continuous dimming built into a clean and futuristic pendulum design. The lamps have been in development for a decade and can now be purchased in two slick colours.
Price: $649/BUY

#6 Cassette Tape Coffee Table
The home can’t always be filled with designer goods. Sometimes it needs a bit of character and this cassette table is the perfect companion to do that. Whether you’re a purveyor of 70s, 80s or 90s personal music, this quirky table will take you and your guests way back to the good old days.

It’s handmade to your own specifications and the manufacturer can even make exact copies of your old mix tape as long as you still have it on hand. Even crazier? The tape wheel is made of 120m of pure satin. We don’t recommend you wind this one for kicks.
Price: $6,138/BUY




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