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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #34

Welcome to Shut Up & Take My Money, your weekly dose of gadget fodder for the soul. Today we’ve got an eclectic bunch of the world’s coolest gadgets and general money-grabbing needs. You won’t mind though because they involve floating hotels, the most awesome speakers you’ll see this year and an R2D2 coffee table with built-in pinball.


#1 Floating Hotel
Salt Water have devised an eco-friendly way to enjoy the best of tourism without putting too much of a dent on Mother Nature. A central floating building which houses the reception, offices and restaurant connect to a series of individual catamarans that serve as guest rooms. Each floating room can accommodate 2-4 adults whilst the hotel explores the surrounds at low speed. Waking up to a new view everyday? Money-taking worthy.
Price: $TBC


#2 R2D2 Pinball Coffee Table
Love pinball? Love Star Wars? Love coffee? Combine all three and you shall receive this very cool piece of furniture made to be the hero piece of any man’s lounge room. It must be noted that the high price does reflect the fact that the table is a one-off item which took 300 hours to complete and weighs 45kg. The gaming unit inside is also an authentic Star Wars pinball payfield.
Price: $17,500/BUY

#3 Kem Studio Wood & Aluminium Game Controller
Cut through the norms of gaming with these adult-friendly controllers by Kem Studio. Their S1 Video Game Controller is made from walnut wood and aluminium, and is designed specifically for New York-based lifestyle gaming brand SON. Even the aluminium base is oversized to cater for an adult’s hands. Need more convincing thios one’s not for the kids? The joysticks come with adjustable height to suit any seasoned player or skill. And if all else fails, just plonk it on your coffee table as a damn fine artistic ornament.
Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Edifier E30 Spinnaker 2.0 Speaker System
Taking some inspiration from the latest Jurassic film is Edifier who’ve crafted these very cool speakers which look remarkably like protruding dinosaur teeth (or sails) wherever you stand them. They’re not just pretty to look at though with the 15” tall bookshelf speakers being the recipient of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovations Design and Engineering Award. They come in either black or red to suit your living space.
Price: $300/BUY

#5 Lego Creator Ferrari F40
If you haven’t heard the news, Lego have re-issued their F40 replica from the 80s and amped up the detail to make this new kit a one-of-a-kind for adult collectors. The new kit features 1158-pieces, an opening engine cover with an actual twin-turbo V8 inside and opening doors as well as the iconic pop-up headlights. This is certainly one less reason for us to grow up.
Price: $130/BUY

#6 Stump Stool
this is not just any stump stool off the old block – this one is made from salvaged stump and fitted with internal LED lighting which disperses light spectacularly through the natural cracks of the log. It’s designed to be used both indoors and outdoors and has won the award for the Best Sustainable Design at The Edge 2014 – a true lightbulb moment we’d love to get our hands on.
Price: $640/BUY


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