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Australian Stylist Jeff Lack Launches A Book For The Modern Man

The modern day man will always face one compelling question in life: What is a gentleman? Is it an attitude. Is it his sense of style. Perhaps social status.

Many a men have tackled this sartorial conundrum through their own interpretation and today one of Australia’s foremost figures in men’s style has graced us with his.

Jeff Lack is a celebrated Australian stylist who moonlights as a media commentator and keynote speaker. Since starting his career in men’s fashion at the tender age of seventeen, Lack has built up a stellar reputation in the industry that has seen his twenty year career spent dressing and styling some of Sydney’s most elite.

In light of his upcoming book release entitled IndulGENT, Lack explores and addresses the simpler questions in life: How does one dress for sex appeal? How can you take ten pounds off your look? How to dress for an interview?

It’s not all ‘How to X for Dummies’ though. Lack has ensured that his sartorial spiel is reinforced with interviews from some the country’s most inspiring gents including Alex Zabotto-Bentley and Stephen Foyle.

We sat down with Jeff for a quick chat about his new book and what it means to be an Australian gent.

D: What’s one simple thing Aussie men can do to up their style game?

JF: Take a leaf out of Italian men’s lookbooks; they aren’t afraid to express their personality in their ensembles. Buy clothing that fits you and tailoring for sure. My number one pet peeve is ill fitting clothing. Men also think that three pairs of shoes is all they need, however if you wish to up your game – add more shoes to your wardrobe, quality footwear.

D: How has men’s fashion changed over the years?

JF: Men’s fashion has definitely changed for the better. Tailoring and dandy are back in a big way and men wear more colour now than ever before. All kinds of accessories are included in most men’s wardrobes.

Men make more of an effort these days, a considered approach to their personal style. Men think about heir audience and what’s authentic, smart and yet still comfortable.

Facial hair and grooming regimes are the norm now and hats are back in a big way too. I for one am stoked that men are more interested in their appearance and are happy to talk about it.

The dialogue is a big shift, it’s not looked down on to talk about where you picked things up or who your favourite tailor or hairdresser is. Men will be authentic and more confident the more they share their knowledge and experiences.

D: Tell us a bout the book and what readers can expect.

JF: IndulGENT is the complete style guide for the modern man, an easy to digest basics guide to what to wear when, where and how. It was written to empower men to be better – better friends, brothers, fathers, sons, lovers; just more confident masculine men.

D: What should men avoid in style?

JF: Men should avoid fashion for fashion’s sake. You should wear the clothes, they shouldn’t wear you. Not all fashions are going to suit your build or age so go with style over fashion. I wear pieces I’ve had for many years combined with new pieces. Style wins always regardless of how old it is.

D: How can a man maintain his sense of style whilst looking after a family?

JF: I see fathers letting themselves go ‘style wise’ as well as physically. Dress to your age and body shape first and foremost. Get a haircut that suits you, not the one you’re had since the 90’s.

A simple hard wearing easy to combine practical wardrobe works best for fathers. Time seems to disappear so the easier the better for dads. Make an effort.

IndulGENT will be officially launched on the 1st of August from all good bookstores.



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