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Tips To Tackle Those Embarrassing Grooming Issues – Part 2

They crop up out of nowhere often without warning. We try to ignore them and do everything to hide it but they will still be there.

I’m talking of those embarrassing grooming problems that plague us more than we would like causing insecurity and shame. What’s worse we don’t talk about these grooming dilemmas enough and how best to treat them out of denial and embarrassment. Well no more.

Let’s get the information out there and shout it from the rooftops so that we are adequately prepared for the day these embarrassing grooming problems rear their ugly heads.

The Unibrow


It’s important to meet in the middle for such things as arguments, negotiations and conflicts but this mentality should never apply to your eyebrows. Whether it be a thick noticeable monobrow or a light spattering of hair in the middle no other form of facial hair has been met with such disdain and intense embarrassment.


Managing a unibrow is relatively simple and quick, unfortunately it is somewhat painful. The best way to tame a wild unibrow is to wax or pluck the hair out. A good pair of stainless steel tweezers will do the trick. However if you want to get it over with in one go then look for a good wax that is suitable for the face.

Back Acne (Bacne)


It’s not only your face that can fall victim to the scourge of acne. It can also show up in other areas of your body, particularly your back. Just like acne on you face, back acne (or bacne) can be a real blow to your confidence during the warmer months. Fortunately there are a number of ways to remedy this embarrassing grooming issue.

Bacne is caused by the same factors that cause normal acne. Build up of dirt and oil clog the pores and cause breakouts. Simple things like showering after a big workout, changing your bed sheets regularly, and wearing clothes with breathable material all limit the formation of harmful bacteria and build up of dirt and oil that can cause breakouts.

Give yourself an extra edge on bacne with a body wash that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids which basically exfoliate the skin and strip away dead skin cells. Also look for Beta Hydroxy Acids which flush out oil and dirt from the pores.

Give Neutrogena Clear Body Wash a go at tackling unsightly bacne. The gentle formula won’t dry out your skin and contains Salicylic Acid, the “miracle” ingredient for stopping breakouts.

Dry & Rough Hands


Whether it be meeting a new boss, the in-laws or a future partner the handshake gives an immediate first impression to the other party. If your hands are dry, cracked and rough you’re giving a poor impression therefore it’s important to fix this embarrassing problem quick-fast.

Your hands are constantly exposed to the elements and a lack of sebaceous glands (the glands that produce natural oils for the skin) mean the hands are the first body part to fall victim to cold temperatures and icy winds. The sure fire way to keep your hands protected and smooth is to use an effective hand cream regularly.

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer is the go to product for heavy duty hand protection. Perfect for people who work often with their hands, this non-greasy formula contains Vitamins A and E with Eucalyptus to soothe rough, overworked grabbers.

Dirty Fingernails


Sticking with unsightly hands, the only thing worse than rough hands are dirty fingernails. Dirty fingernails look unkempt and give the impression that you care little for your personal hygiene. Not only do they look bad but they harbour all kinds of nasty germs and bacteria that can lead to illness.

Therefore we reckon it’s always important to keep fingernails clean to give a good impression but also for a slew of health reasons. Keeping your fingernails clean is simple, just be sure to keep them short to prevent dirt becoming trapped. Give them a trim once a week with a sturdy pair of nail clippers and also be sure to soak them in soapy water to rinse out any lingering dirt and build up.

Ear & Nose Hair


Whether you like it or not as you get older ear and nose hair are going to be a reality for you. A thick growth of ear and nose hair isn’t only embarrassing, it also looks messy and ages your appearance.

Cut excessive hair down to size with a good ear and nose trimmer to keep yourself looking like a spring rooster. Braun Exact Series Ear and Nose Trimmer is your go to tool for unwanted hair. Removing nose hair is an uncomfortable and eye watering experience but with circular stainless steel blades, the hair is removed cleanly and precisely without painful pulling and scratching of the skin.

More Embarrassing Issues You Need Help With?

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