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5 Grooming Myths & Misconceptions Uncovered

The grooming world has about as much gossip as a tabloid magazine crossed with a ladies-only brunch. For every truth you’ve heard, your ears have been assaulted with at least three misconceptions.

There are two solutions. You could blindly experiment until you’ve separated the facts from the falsehoods, but your skin is bound to suffer. Or you could put yourself in the capable hands of experts like, well, us. We are your skincare saviours and this is MythBusters: The Grooming Edition.

#1 Oily Skin Doesn’t Need Moisturiser


This may be true on opposite day, but on every other day of the year, oily skinned men need moisturisers most. Dry skin produces oil in order to stay hydrated, so to curb the oil slick you need to keep your skin supple in other ways. Choose a lightweight moisturiser that’s specially formulated for oily skin. It’ll lock in natural moisture without setting the sebum-producing glands into overdrive.

#2 Shaving Hair Makes Regrowth Stronger


One shave won’t turn you into Zach Galifianakis. Neither will a hundred shaves or a lifetime of shaves. While stubble can seem darker and thicker following a close pruning, the truth is that thickness and hair growth are totally down to your DNA. Obsessive shaving in hopes of sprouting impressive facial topiary will only lead to razor burn and crushing disappointment.

#3 Eating Chocolate Causes Acne


Your mum told you this one as a kid to keep you healthy (and maybe to keep more chocolate for herself). In reality, there’s no relation between chocolate intake and your propensity for breakouts. Genetics, hormones, and stress are the real enemies in the battle of Face vs. Zits. Now if only they could find a way to genetically engineer chocolate that doesn’t make you fat…

#4 More Shaving Cream Equals Better Shave


Flat-out false. This is one of those “less is more” situations. Smothering your skin in shaving cream will only dry it out (see Problem #1) and leave you with empty bottles that need more frequent replacing. Find a cream that provides even coverage and allows the blade to glide smoothly across the face – without making your jaw look like it was buried under an avalanche.

#5 Buying Special Face Products Is A Waste Of Money


Hand soap or shower gel on your face? Really? You’re an adult, act like one. Invest in real facial products that won’t cause dryness, rashes, or skin flakes. And while we’re on the subject, men’s and women’s products aren’t created equal. Don’t raid your girlfriend’s medicine cabinet unless you like the idea of bad skin and sleeping on the couch.




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