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A Man’s Guide To Pulling Off Cool Bedding

If the thought of where to start when it comes to cool bedding choices makes you want to wet the bed, it’s about time we gave you the key to understanding the wide world in, around and between the sheets.

Just like a man needs a range of suits for different functions, he also needs the perfect range of cool bedding for different seasons and styles (especially if he wants to attract a certain sleeping beauty).

We ensure by the end of this article you will be jumping out of your stained and sweaty sheets, right into fresh and seductive new ones. 

Hot Winter Warmers

Cool bedding

Winter is a great time to invest in more than two pillows. Layering your duvet with pillows, cushions, a quilt and a throw will create a comfortable and warm oasis for you to sink into. We know that most guys don’t like a bed that looks like its soul purpose is to house cushions, but don’t worry you don’t need to go to a huge extent.

Your bed, assuming it’s a double or bigger, should have the following:

Sheet. The cover between the actual mattress and yourself.
Duvet. The fluffy item otherwise known as a “Doona”.
Two Pillows. The rectangular ones you sleep on.
Minimum Two Cushions. Smaller square cushions that you prop on top of the rectangular Pillows.
Quilt (Optional). This is a thick blanket that lies over the Duvet and is usually folded over at the top.
Throw. A lighter weight blanket that is literally “thrown” onto the end of your bed.

Best Suited Winter Material

Cool bedding

Unlike what is usually associated with flannel (a checkered material you would wear to an Aussie Bogan or Lumberjack Party) the feeling of flannelette on a cold night is intensely pleasurable.

Flannel Style Tip

Cool bedding

Match your flannel with chunky knitted or velvet cushions and a rich and warming colour palette. Don’t go without a deep fur sheepskin or faux fur throw, these are the perfect luxurious choice for the end of your bed. You can even pop a sheepskin rug on the floor for an ultimate and extravagant bed experience. Winter is all about enticing you and anyone else back to your bed, so don’t be shy when choosing your winter bed get up- we give you permission to fully indulge.

In The Summer Time

Cool bedding

A more light hearted atmosphere can be created by using lightweight and lighter coloured fabrics. When it comes to bedding for those warmer days, you need materials that are going to assist you in getting a cool nights sleep. Due to the heat, it’s a good idea to swap your duvet for a light-weight summer specific product (hit up your local bedding store and ask the experts to show you the way).

Best Suited Summer Materials

Cool bedding

From beautiful balmy nights to those sunburnt scorchers, a good quality Linen or Cotton Percale is your go to during the summer months.

Linen, the fabric that you would have seen splashed across most recent editorial shoots is incredibly breathable and has a relaxed and effortlessly cool look about it. So relaxed in fact we’d make a bet Johnny Depp sleeps in it too. Go to In Bed Store for great colour ways and even a stripy range.

Linen Style Tip

Cool bedding

Whether you’re purchasing a deep Indigo, muted Mushroom or crispy White linen, we recommend you opt for some complimentary and casual cushions such as these from Indigo Love. As linen is textural, keep exploring different materials to contrast it with, a Mohair Throw (although it may stay at the end of your bed during on the hot nights) is the softest and most textural option and can provide warmth when needed.

Cotton Percale is cotton where the threads are tightly knit together; this is the type of fresh cotton that feels the best when naked and clean. It’s durable and easy to maintain, which is great for busy dudes like you.

Check out Sheridan’s 300 Thread Count Set. Unlike Linen, its tight and smooth surface means you need to add some seriously interesting additions to bring it up to your sexy standard. We suggest the Ziggy Pillow Cases from Jardan.

Beat Around The Sheets

Cool bedding

To match your sheets, cushions and general bedding, it is also important to consider your surrounding furnishings. This includes taking into consideration your bedside tables, lamps, artworks, candles, bed head and even bed base.

Take a look at our guide to masculine bedroom ideas and you won’t go wrong.

Nitty Gritty Between The Sheets

Cool bedding

If you have never heard of a “Thread Count” before, it basically describes how many threads are woven into a square inch of fabric, the higher you go, the better. However, there is much controversy as to if it really matters.

As long as you stick to something over 200 and make sure that the origin of the cotton is reputable (Egyptian is the best, but it’s always good to support local farmers, and we do happen to have exceptional cotton here) it’s all about personal preference from there on out.

Final Pillow Talk

In any situation, our top tip is to always go for white coloured main bedding pieces, then add character and atmosphere through addition pieces such as cushions or throws, this will also allow you to change up your style easily and regularly. Now go get bed making!


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