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Born For Adventure: Introducing The Tudor North Flag

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Tudor has long thrived on a reputation for drawing inspiration from the past into their modern collection of timepieces.

This year sees that same winning formula applied to their newest creation.


Introducing A Modern Classic

The Tudor North Flag inherits its bold design from a classic 1970s model whilst injecting nostalgic adventure into a modern timepiece – and with it, a smashing new movement. The model comes in a solid steel bracelet version but we had the pleasure of wrapping around our wrist the sportier leather strap version which exudes all sorts of Swiss watchmaking goodness.

First off, the new North Flag is a highly technical looking piece which presents itself as thoroughly modern. Its satin-finished case gives it a futuristic feel, and watch enthusiasts will no doubt see the link to Tudor’s past in this unique design feature.

The leather strap is finished in matte black with yellow stitching to emphasise its tool watch design, a look further enhanced by the ceramic insert in the bezel. The black dial and bold Arabic numerals at 12 and 6 help to create a bold, legible look, whilst the white indexes on the dial provide a perfect contrast to the black dial.

On the chapter ring you’ll also find each hour marked with a yellow hash mark; a fine touch that is further accentuated with the bright yellow seconds hand and power reserve indicator – a first for Tudor. This last point brings me to the big thing that is a true standout of this watch: the new Tudor Manufacture MT5621.

An In-House Powerhouse

The new movement is built entirely in-house at Tudor, marking the company’s first series of watches with manufactured movements. Naturally the new movement is chronometer certified, highlighting its precision and imperviousness against magnetic fields.

This is achieved via a silicon balance spring, elevating the North Flag to even greater heights of performance and utility. Another winner for us is the movement’s power reserve, another first inTudor’s watch lineup, which allows the wearer to know exactly how much juice is left in the ticker. For Tudor’s first Manufacture movement, we are definitely impressed.

Made For Your Greatest Adventure

The new Tudor North Flag is a true testament to the fine work that the brand has done to provide watch lovers with a lot more to explore and discover. This latest package absolutely delivers with its rugged good looks and an all new manufacture movement which is already impressive as their first.

If you’re after a watch that will grow alongside your greatest adventures to become a favourite in your arsenal, then this is the one you need on your wrist.


To find out more about the new Tudor North Flag, head over to Tudor.


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