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Exotic & Eclectic: An Art Collector’s Apartment in São Pau, Brazil

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Blurring the lines between an art gallery and a simply awesome home, this apartment in São Pau, Brazil, is an ingenious use of space, housing some of the quirkiest and eclectic art pieces we’ve seen.

Showing us how the modern gent can blend the weird and wacky with a cool sense of style, this art collector’s apartment is a spacious, white-walled design brought to life by the statement art pieces that seem to be lazily scattered on the floor and the walls.

You can’t go past the roll of curly blonde locks in the centre of the living room floor without a double take, yet when viewed in conjunction with the contemporary, streamlined chair, a roll of curly hair doesn’t seem so out of place.


Scattered against yet another white wall, the Duchamp-inspired toilet seat is recontextualised for an industrial aesthetic. Pieced together with the seemingly random wooden chair, it lends a robust, masculine look to the space, adding character to the apartment and diverting it from the cool aloofness of the traditional art gallery.

The coolest and most defining feature of the apartment are the Finnish pinus wooden doors that open on their axis to usher us into the main living space. The trend continues with the addition of spinning bookcases that can be rotated to create an instant open plan living area.

Not only are these bookcases a great example of form meeting function, they are laden with a random assortment of objects that reminds us that people actually inhabit this home. We wonder where they found the melted spoon and the bronzed grenade?

With modern features like the almond-shaped bath to cut through the organised ‘clutter’ of this apartment, this space demonstrates how the weird and wacky can work in your favour, especially when paired with a must-have flatscreen TV.


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