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Innovative Australian Fragrance Experiments With Cocaine Scent

Solid State For Men is the new Australian fragrance which carries a rather unique signature to its repertoire. Unique because their cologne is first and foremost produced as a solidified wax, and secondly because one is based off the smell of cocaine.

You read right. Keep walking sniffer dog – ain’t nothing to see here. The range of Solid State colognes are intentionally made as a wax base for ease of travel with each of the three scents carrying its own unique story.

Voyager is the scent that will raise the most eyebrows which has been cheekily refined to smell very similar to the recreational drug of high-flying partygoers.

The other scents in the collection include Wayfarer, which is an elegant and masculine combination of Tobacco, Vanilla and Cacao. If you’re noticing a trend here, you’d be correct. The colognes are all about creating an air of allure and addiction without getting you thrown into jail.

Anthony Nasr who is the brave man behind the new fragrances says that it all started with some brainstorming between himself and the perfumer.

“Amongst the madness we were able to isolate certain smells that had a unique familiarity about them.”

“Obviously things had to be refined enough before we thought people would actually want to wear this stuff out. It’s funny how many people kept saying ‘I know this smell…’ – haha they’ve already said too much!”

It’s not all parties and cocaine scents though. Solid State also caters to the fitness guy with Journeyman, which is a sports fragrance built around the freshness of Vetiver and grounded by the earthy notes of cedar.

Still keen to smell like a million bucks whilst trolling some police dogs? Head on over to Solid State to find out more.




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