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BMW Reveals Street-Legal Racer Concept M4 GTS

BMW’s racing technology gets a road-worthy vessel in the Concept BMW M4 GTS. The street-legal racing car will be lighter than the regular M4, and come packed with track-ready features.

The water injection system will be a highlight of the M4 GTS. The system injects ultra-fine water spray into the plenums of the intake, which cools the intake air dramatically as the water vaporises, consequently reducing the compression temperature in the combustion chamber.

For those who are less technically inclined, all you need to know is that the M4 GTS looks every inch the badass automobile you’d expect it to. Frozen Dark Grey Metallic paint and Acid Orange accents, exposed carbon fibre, and extreme aerodynamics ensure this one looks the part.

Production begins next year with market launch scheduled for sometime in Spring or Summer.



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