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Christian Bale Signs On To Play Enzo Ferrari In New Biopic


Christian Bale has officially signed on to play Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari in the upcoming biopic by director Michael Mann.

The report from Deadline Hollywood reveals that the long-awaited film will begin shooting in 2016 after fifteen years of negotiations and planning by Mann.

Details are sparse at the moment, but what we do know is that the story will take place around 1957. It will highlight the formative years to glory for the Italian marque and trace its founder’s passion, failure, success, life and death.

Given that Enzo was a man who placed an immense amount of pressure on his drivers and team by using psychological tactics to extract the best from those around him, Bale’s notorious on-set outburst might actually be perfect for this film. Think American Psycho paired with the secluded life of Bruce Wayne in The Dark Knight Rises and you have just the perfect Enzo formula.

Angry Bale playing an angry Italian who founded the world’s most iconic sports cars? We’re down.


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