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David Beckham Goes Art House In First Ever Film Role

What do you get when you throw together the names David Beckham, Liv Tyler and Harvey Keitel? One hell of a weird short film commissioned by the fashionable folk at Belstaff.

The film’s Executive Producer, for reasons unknown, is Aerosmith frontman’s daughter Liv Tyler. Making his mark in directorial duties is a guy named Geremy Jasper who has worked on large scale human art projects for brands such as Lexus.

The result is a perplexing mish-mash of symbolic imagery, metaphors and Beckham traversing the landscape on a motorcycle while random people stroke his face. This is amongst a bearded singing lady, freak show circus performers and a Western themed score that’ll make Tarantino reach for his lawyer’s number. Where the story is headed no one has any idea.

You can find out for yourself when the full film comes out on the 22nd of September. If you’re into art house style narratives, register here to gain access to the full Outlaws screening.


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