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5 Defining Facial Hair Trends To Rock This Season

Whether you can grow one or not, we are living in the golden age of the beard. No longer just relegated to the hipster crowd, the popularity of beards has skyrocketed recently with everyone from your local barista to the high-powered CEO rocking some facial follicles.

A good facial hairstyle says a lot about a man. Whether it be majestic and manly with a full-length beard or edgy and rebellious with a little stubble. Regardless of your style, it’s important to know what’s out there and how to properly maintain and care for your desired look before you can attain facial hair glory.

Facial Stubble


Master the casual, dishevelled but respectable look with a little stubble. Stubble is basically the short hair that grows through at the end of the day, also known as a five o’clock shadow. Stubble is a popular look taken up by a lot of men recently.If you’re still unsure on whether a little stubble is for you several studies have shown women find this look more attractive.

Maintaining this look is fairly simple with the right tools. The I-Trim Precise Beard Trimmer is the perfect tool to ensure you design your stubble the way you want. Featuring 24 precise cutting lengths and the ability to change the desired length at the push of a button this trimmer was designed for you to achieve the perfect stubble.

The Goatee


If you’re not ready to commit to growing a full beard but want something prominent for your face, consider growing a goatee as an alternative. You also have the added benefit of having a Walter White-esque look without all the drug dealing and such.

An electric beard trimmer is the ‘go-to’ tool to create the goatee shape. Trim a straight line down from the corner of your mouth. You will need to wet shave your cheeks and under your chin to keep your goatee defined and prominent, ensuring it doesn’t turn out like a mismatched beard.

The Van Dyke


Named after 17th-century painter Arthur Van Dyke, this facial hair style has seen a resurgence as of late with the hardcore hipster crowd. The defining feature of this artsy style is the prominence of the upper and lower parts of the hair.

The hair is often styled with a pointy moustache and the lower part also styled to a pointy end. Upkeep of this look is somewhat similar to that of a goatee, however be sure to shave between the moustache and the chin for the signature look.

You will also find a good moustache wax to be very helpful in maintaining this style. Captain Fawcett’s Sandalwood Moustache Wax will give you the hold you desire for a look that will surely turn heads. This product is made by hand and contains Sandalwood essential oils, leaving your Van Dyke looking and smelling good.

A Neat & Professional Short Beard


Find the perfect mix of professionalism and ruggedness with the neat and professional short beard. This look is for those who enjoy having a beard but still need to maintain a smart and clean appearance. Hair will be medium length all around, with very short or almost no hair extending below the jawline and chin.

Be sure to keep an eye out for stray hairs poking out and trim them back immediately. Trim the cheek and neck line at least twice a month (depending on your rate of growth) to ensure neatness and to maintain the desired length.

The thicker and longer your beard gets the more maintenance it requires. In order to keep the beard hair in optimal shape and the skin underneath from drying out, it’s important to apply a beard oil. Beard oil hydrates both the hair and the skin underneath and also helps to tame and control the beard, making it easier to style.

Captain Fawcett yet again have you covered with their Beard Oil Private Stock. Used daily not only will your beard smell amazing but also feel softer, full and manageable. Simply drop a few drops of oil and work into the beard thoroughly.

The Long Hipster Beard


This is it. What all bearded men work to achieve; the full-length hipster beard. This is the ultimate destination on your beard growing journey. With this look, women will want you and men will want to be you.

For all it’s aesthetically pleasing qualities there is a lot of maintenance required for such a great level of manliness. For starters, daily use of a beard oil is a must. The longer and thicker your beard the less attention and nourishment the skin underneath receives. Regular application of beard oil will ensure hair is soft, full and manageable but also that skin underneath isn’t dry and flaky.

Another product you should have in your beard care arsenal is beard shampoo. Some argue that regular shampoo can be used on your beard but we caution you not to. Regular shampoo can irritate the skin on your face, also your beard hair is different from your normal hair, so a specialist product is definitely called for. Milkman 2 in 1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner will nourish those facial follicles leaving you beard soft, clean, smelling great and full of lustre.

So whether you’re rockin’ a Clooney inspired 5 o’clock shadow or luscious full-bodied lumberjack beard, facial follicles are a new way to cement your style.


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